Using an alien springboard at an alien crash location in Fortnite, Cruel Hare season 8 challenge –

Where are the alien stepping stones at alien crash sites in Fortnite? We explain how to find them to complete the quest! With the arrival of two new NPCs in Fortnite, it is now possible to access the fillable maps of Raven and Cruel Hare. These two characters therefore give new challenges to accomplish, allowing you to obtain XP and advance in the battle pass.Among the quests offered by Cruel Hare, one of them requires the use of a Alien stepping stone at an alien crash site. But where are these stepping stones and how can they be used? We help you to validate the quest easily!

Where are the alien crash site stepping stones in Fortnite?

To find the alien crahs sites, just look at the Fortnite mini-map, and find the orange areas! These areas represent the crash sites, which are the places where you can find the alien stepping stones: Locations of the alien crash sites in Fortnite Once there, all you need to do is find an alien stepping stone. These are very large and pink in color, so it is very easy to spot them. To help you, you can use the screenshots below, which locate three different ones: An alien stepping stone in Fortnite An alien stepping stone in Fortnite An alien stepping stone in Fortnite
To use these stepping stones, all you need to do is step on them! You will then be transported into the air, and your glider will be deployed. You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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