Travel 100m in an alien air wake in Fortnite, Cruel Hare season 8 challenges –

How to travel 100m in an alien air wake in Fortnite for the Cruel Hare challenges? We explain how to complete the quest! New NPCs are available in Season 8 of Fortnite, and they’re both on the list of cards to fill out! This means that they have 5 challenges to offer you, and that you will be able to earn XP by validating them.Among these challenges, one of them is proposed by Cruel Hare, and requires to travel 100m in an extraterrestrial air wake. But where are these sillages and how to use them? We explain to you to validate the quest!

How to travel 100m in an alien air wake in Fortnite?

To succeed in this challenge, you will have to start by finding alien aerial wakes! These are found in the orange areas on the game map, and can be seen as a gray structure on the mini-map, as you can see below: The extraterrestrial air wakes are in the orange areas On site, these wakes resemble large pink slides, into which it is possible to enter. To travel in it, you just have to enter it by sticking to this pink zone:
Approach the pink wake to enter it To cover the required 100 meters, simply let yourself be carried away, making sure that your character follows the direction of the wake, so as not to come out! , let yourself be carried away to do the 100 meters requested Once you have covered 100 meters, your quest will be validated! You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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