Top NFT games of September 2021, like ‘Axie Infinity’ and ‘CryptoZoon’ | Get there early for the next games

With NFT games like “Axie Infinity” generating a lot of money for players, other games like “CryptoZoon” show that getting to a game early is certainly quite advantageous. The first players are usually the ones who can accumulate rare items, monsters, pets, warriors, and other in-game assets before prices skyrocket.

Possible NFT games online

The great thing about NFT Games is that players can earn NFT coins and once those coins appreciate for the first few players, the value of the player’s winnings appreciates as well. There have been many NFT games on the player’s watchlist who might have missed out on playing early in “Axie Infinity,” but for those who want to be early for the next big game, here’s a list for you.

The list of NFT games in the first half comes from PlaytoEarn.Online and they are games that are not necessarily new, but rather what is all the rage right now. The second half will deal with games that have yet to be released, but players should be careful.

Nine chronicles

This idle RPG launches on September 8, 2021 and its first competitive season in the arena will deliver $ 896,000 NCG in prize money! This is over $ 2 million in prizes to be divided between …

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