Top 20 Minecraft 1.19.1 Seeds for August 2022

Minecraft 1.19.1 update has been released which includes several gameplay changes that affect new Allay mobs. Now they can duplicate themselves in case players give them Amethyst Shards, which was a big focus of this update. Since Allays tend to spawn in the dark corners of structures, our pick of the best Minecraft seeds this month includes plenty of jungle temples, woodland mansions, villages that spawn in the shadows of mountains, etc Now you can quickly find Allays and have them deliver items to you when and where you need them.

Seed: 192019146

Coordinates: 50, -50
Biomes: Forest

Taking over a wooded mansion is a difficult task, but what if you could up the difficulty and destroy two mansions at once? In this seed, you will spawn right between the two wooded mansions that are at coordinates 200, 50 and 150, -350. You can also find many allays spawning inside both structures. The nearest village is at coordinates -200, -700.

Seed: 68536576

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: plains, forest, jungle

Spawn at the edge of the jungle with a village and, thankfully, not one but two jungle temples located at coordinates 100, 50 and 150, -150. You have access to twice as much loot and weapons, as well as plenty of crafting materials, especially in such a diverse environment.

Seed: 458544

Coordinates: -50, -50
Biomes: various

This Minecraft seed combines both types of swamp biome: a regular one and the mangrove variant. You can see both at the spawn with a small village of acacia trees. There is also a witch hut not far away at coordinates -250, 250. And, at coordinates -750, -200, you will find a jungle temple.

Seed: 125329

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: various

Here is a Minecraft seed for players who are specifically looking for the diversity of warm and hot biomes. The village is located at coordinates 50, 200, and the nearest ancient city is at coordinates -300, -200. Here is a list of all biomes found at spawn: Savanna Badlands Stony Peaks Plains Forest

Seed: 214107258

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: plains

You will immediately notice a ruined portal exposed at the spawn near a village. This portal will lead to a plateau, hanging just above the Lower Fortress. You can either build a staircase leading down or just jump on the fortress. In order to negate fall damage, use a bucket of water and some iron ingots.

Seed: 100536868

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: taiga, ocean

Exploring a frozen ocean is much easier and more interesting due to extensive ice cover. If you explore this seed, at coordinates -1000, -500, you will find a taiga island village right in the middle of the frozen ocean. The nearest ocean monument can be seen at coordinates -1350, -850.

Seed: 11684349

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Jagged Peaks

Another point of interest full of surprises is a steep valley inside the mountain ring. You never know what you’ll find there, but in this case it’s an entire village with a blacksmith located at coordinates -250, 200. Another village is just outside the ring at coordinates 200, 100.

Seed: 15730

Coordinates: -50, 100
Biomes: plains, ocean

Spawn on a large survival island with a village and small savannah hills. To the north of the island, you will find another one, but this time it is uninhabited. And, if you keep exploring further, you will see an ocean monument at coordinates -400, -750. The nearest village on the mainland can be located at coordinates 850, -450.

Seed: 3773

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biome: Jungle

The jungle hills are another treasure trove of unexpected discoveries. In this Minecraft seed, you can reveal a perfectly hidden jungle temple inside the hill at coordinates 100, 152. You can detect its exact location by the exposed ruined portal that can be seen from the base of the hill. hill.

Seed: 8734419

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ice Plains

Cold biomes can be just as fun as warm ones, and this seed is proof of that. Here, you’ll spawn in a snow village right next to a slab of ice spikes that stands on the border of the plains biome. There is also an igloo nearby, but without the basement. Head to coordinates -150, 600 to find it.

Seed: 261654

Coordinates: -800, -700
Biomes: plains

This seed allows players to spawn very close to strongholds and complete the game much faster. Here you can find a fortress at coordinates -1150, -1050, which stands between the two villages, just 300 blocks from spawn.

Seed: 149969233

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Desert, Jungle

There’s no better feeling in Minecraft than finding a lush jungle with a nearby temple after walking through the desert in search of resources. Fortunately, you can find this oasis near the spawn at coordinates 100, 100. There is also another jungle temple at coordinates 50, -150.

Seed: 508570

Coordinates: 50, 150
Biomes: Ocean

One of the most unexpected things a player can find in Minecraft is a village on the very edge of the mangrove biome that is in the ocean. You can witness this at coordinates 200, 200. Also, the beach side is covered with coral reefs that stretch all along the shore.

Seed: 217521

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Desert, Badlands

You’ll spawn on the flooded canyon cliff, which forms an unusual lake in the middle of the badlands biome. At coordinates 50, -200 you will see a village on the other side of the canyon, conveniently hidden in the shadow of the eroded hills. Also, you can enter an ancient city just below the village at coordinates 150, -200.

Seed: 216747253

Coordinates: 50, -200
Biomes: Savannah

Spawn through the village with an exposed ruined portal and enter the real treasure of two remaining bastion structures that stand next to each other. The housing units are at the lower coordinates 50, 50 and the hoglin stables are at the -100, 50 coordinates. The two structures are so close to each other that you will have no trouble jumping from them. to each other.

Seed: 54330748

Coordinates: -200, 50
Biomes: plains, ocean

How often do you spawn on an island with a village? Not too often! How often do you spawn in an island village with a blacksmith? Yes, even less often! Well, here’s your chance to spawn on an island with trees, a village, and a blacksmith that also has some nice loot inside.

Seed: 16659

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Mushroom Island, Ocean

If you don’t want to deal with hostile monsters, but still want to try an adventure on an ocean island, this seed will come in very handy. You will find a mushroom island at coordinates -850, 300 with two ocean monuments on either side. This not only protects you from mobs, but also provides you with tons of loot.

Seed: 44761548

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Taiga

Villagers and illagers form an odd couple. But you can manage both in this seed, where a woodland mansion and a village sit next to each other at coordinates 200, 200. Both structures are stationed on the shore of a lake in a biome of rather rare spruce taiga.

Seed: 8748730

Coordinates: -150, 100
Biomes: Ice Plains

Some islands in Minecraft tend to have weird but fun shapes. You will spawn on such an island covered in snow and ice spikes in the middle of the frozen ocean. There is also a snow village and a small patch of cold taiga, which will greatly help your survival game.

Seed: 107474989

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: plains

Are you tired of endless digging and finding nothing? Well, here’s a seed with an exposed mineshaft just when spawning. You can quickly descend, pick up any items or materials you need, and ascend right away without the hustle and bustle of mining. That’s it for this month’s best Minecraft seeds for 1.19.1. Check out more Minecraft items here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! Posted on August 2, 2022

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