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Patch 12.14 is available on League of Legends and we therefore offer you a tier list of champions role by role for ranked games. League of Legends regularly offers patches that rebalance certain items, but also champions. Since this Wednesday, June 8, patch 12.14 is available, and in order to rank up, the editorial staff presents a tier list item by item. If you want to know how to play the champion presented, you just have to click on the link on his name.

Tier list patch 12.14 of champions on League of Legends in S12

The factors we take into account for the tier list are: the win rate of the champions – their presence, in how many games they are selected or banned – their accessibility, how difficult they are to maneuver – diversity, in order to offer champions that can correspond to different styles of players It is very likely that other sources have different opinions, our tier list not only taking into account the pure power of the characters or just their win rate. Warwick has always been a scary top lane champion but often reserved for a small group of players who have mastered the character very well. With the changes to the Blade of the Fallen King a few patches ago and the increase in power of the Sun Cloak, the one and two item champion’s peak power is overwhelming, allowing him to dominate the soloQ. Olaf got a redesign that makes him much stronger. And despite this revamp, which is now a few patches old, the Berserker has not received any modification making it weaker. If his early game is less effective, his ability to hold his target in melee is incredible and an Olaf who manages to be in melee and a death sentence for most champions in the game. Shen is an excellent tank. The comeback of the Solar Cloak and the fact that the item synergizes very well with HP stacking has brought back this sometimes forgotten champion. With excellent pressure at the start of the game via his very high base damage, he keeps excellent pressure in split push, in particular because he can take the Ignite summoner spell while keeping his Ultimate to help his team regardless of their position on the map. Honorable mentions: Fiora, Gangplank and Heimerdinger. Fiddlesticks is a pick that can be very surprising. If his way through the jungle can pose problems for novices, with a little practice he becomes an extremely effective ganking machine. Controlling vision is very important for this character, but once these basics are learned, you can carry out team fights alone. Diana is a very good champion in the jungle who has spells that make her ganks easier, in particular her E which allows her to project herself onto opponents and her R which can attract them and do enormous damage. In addition, this character is very mobile and easily clears the jungle. Volibear is arguably one of the best tank champions in the jungle. He can rush on an opposing player without difficulty and temporarily deactivate the turrets thanks to his R, thus facilitating dives to eliminate opponents. Just like the other champions on this list, he is very mobile and clears his jungle with ease. Honorable mentions: Olaf, Master Yi and Poppy. Heimerdinger resurfaces after a tough time with rune and item changes, including Liandri’s Torment. This champion is a nuisance on the map, constantly putting pressure on a lane, crushing minions at lightning speed. His ultimate gives him excellent versatility in teamfighting, being both a tool for engagement, one shot and zoning. Swain is an extremely oppressive champion. Its recent revamp turns it into a very durable AP carry, becoming more and more dangerous the harder the fights get. While his lane start can be quite weak, his wrestling, vision control, and teamfight ability earns him that spot on our list. Vex received an up which brings her back to the front of the stage. This champion has always had a lot of interesting tools: a huge engagement force, excellent management of minion waves and a plethora of crowd control. The ups received at 12.13 affect her main spell, her Q, which makes her much more reliable. Honorable mentions: Talon, Sylas and Vel’koz. Karthus is an excellent botlaner. Even if this section is intended for AD carries, the Lich has everything it needs to act as a main carry: very good constant damage, excellent scaling, an ultimate putting pressure on the whole map… Plus, a Karthus bot in SoloQ opens up possibilities for more AD characters in the rest of the team. Sivir recently received a big gameplay update. This update allowed him to reach the top of the AD carry rankings. She was, however, going a long way. The uptime of his ricochet is now drastically higher, which almost cancels out the handicap that his range brings him. Its scaling is impressive and its ability to depush can keep games going for a very long time. Twitch has a skill that allows him to stealth and bring a surprise effect very early in the game or even during certain clashes in order to bring the excess. Moreover, he can snowball very easily as soon as he manages to take a few eliminations. Honorable mentions: Draven, Seraphine and Nilah Janna is one of the best champions currently in support due to her spell kit which will make her team survive more easily. The champion can also control the opponent’s movements quite easily thanks to his Q and his W. Amumu returns as a support. If we only see him initially in competitive play, the character begins to cause problems in SoloQ. The character’s ability to engage and its natural tankiness make it a very good tank for team fights. Additionally, it synergizes very well with Kalista, who is currently quite strong. Taric is an excellent in-between between enchanter and guardian. He has several tools to protect his ADC but also synergizes very well with junglers like Diana who just want to get in the way. Its versatility is a great strength but requires a certain mastery. Honorable mentions: Heimerdinger, Maokai and Zyra. Join the community on Discord, play LoL with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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