Tier list Back 4 Blood weapons, which are the best?

In Back 4 Blood, you will be able to access a fairly substantial arsenal on the different maps of the game. You are therefore given a tier list. Back 4 Blood is released this Tuesday, October 12 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series and since the title is a shooter, you are going to be entitled to a fairly substantial arsenal. are the best weapons in the game and we therefore give you the tier list proposed by Gamertweak (source) which considers that the AK 47 and the Phoenix 350L are far above the others.

Tier list of the best Back 4 Blood weapons

Back 4 Blood will contain at its launch 30 weapons divided into different categories and in order to know the best weapons, here is a tier list which ranks from S + to D.

Tier S +

Two weapons stand out and they are the following: Weapon Category Mode of shooting AK 47 Assault rifle Automatic Phoenix 350L Sniper rifle Semi-automatic


Here, four weapons are classified in this tier. They are all very effective and will do excellent damage. Weapon Category Firing mode Scar Assault rifle Automatic Uzi Submachine gun Semi-automatic Glock 23 (Auto) Hand weapon Automatic TEC 9 Hand weapon Automatic

Tier A

Weapons in this tier are all very good, but will have a bit of firepower than weapons rated S and S +. Weapon Category Mode of fire M4 rifle Assault rifle Automatic MP5 Submachine gun Automatic Glock 23 Hand weapon Semi-automatic UMP45 Submachine gun Automatic Vector Automatic submachine gun Super 90 Hunting rifle Semi-automatic RPK Small machine gun Automatic Desert Eagle Weapon hand gun Semi-automatic TAC14 Shotgun Activation M249 Small machine gun Automatic

Tier B

These weapons will be good choices, but they will be less interesting than those of the upper thirds. Weapon Category Firing mode AA12 Hunting rifle Automatic M16 Assault rifle 3 shots M1A Sniper rifle Semi-automatic Barrett M95 (Burst) Sniper rifle 3 shots

Tier C

Weapons in this tier either don’t have enough power or are ineffective to take out many enemies in a single magazine. Weapon Category Mode of shooting Ranch rifle Assault rifle Semi-automatic 870 Express Hunting rifle Action Barrett M95 Sniper rifle Semi-automatic La Belge Hand weapon Double barreled Firefighter ax Melee weapon Melee Hatchet Melee weapon Melee

Tier D

Without doubt the weapons below will be among the worst in the game, either because of the little damage they do or because they are too single-target. Weapon Category Firing mode 357 Magnum Handgun Shot-by-shot Beretta M9 (Auto) Handgun Semi-automatic M1911 Handgun Semi-automatic Bat Melee weapon Melee Knife Melee weapon Melee Melee Machete Melee Weapon Melee Posted on 11/10/2021 at 23:07

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