Throw an ice cream cone at different named locations in Fortnite, Quiet Summer challenge –

Summer challenges are available in Fortnite! Find out how to “Throw an ice cream cone at different named locations”. A brand new update has just taken place on Fortnite, allowing to deploy patch 20.30 of the game! As always, there are new things to discover, and new quests to do. If usually these quests are available on Tuesday or Thursday, exceptionally, there is one quest per day for the summer. Among the summer challenges, one of them asks to “Throw an ice cream cone at different places”. But where are the No Sweat signs to remove from the recalled products? We explain how to do it below!

How to throw an ice cream cone at different named locations in Fortnite?

To succeed in this challenge, you will have to start by finding three ice cream cones! This is an item that can be difficult to find when you don’t know where to go. These ice cream cones are usually found in chests or on the ground, but can also be found with the NPC P’tit Cornet in exchange for ingots. You can find this NPC in the different places indicated on the map below:P’tit Cornet locations to buy ice cream cones (credits: fortnitegg)Once you have the three cones you need for this challenge, you will be able to go to different places! These places are easy to find, since they are simply the cities whose name appears on your map in the game.The different places where you can go to throw ice cream conesWhen you are there , throw one of the cones, then head to another location to throw a second one. Throw a cone in a total of three different named locations to be able to complete the quest! You can then wait until tomorrow at 3 p.m. to get the next summer challenge. Other quests will also be available this Thursday at 3 p.m., like every week. Join the community on Discord, play Fortnite with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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