Thriller Twelve Minutes Review – How I Stuck in a Time Loop

On the paper Twelve minutes does not seem to be some kind of unique title. If we reduce everything to a minimum, then we get a classic point and click adventure game, which takes place in one place. But everything starts to twist when we are offered to solve the mystery of the time loop: despite the fact that all the objects of this puzzle are available to you, in order to come to a logical conclusion, they will have to be combined with each other more than once, going through dozens of cycles. The duration of this thriller is 6-8 hours – and this is actually enough to prevent the game from becoming boring and boring. And the story is so good that I really would like to discuss it with someone who has already made it through the detective story.

Think of Twelve Minutes and the time loop as a house of cards: you can build it from any cards in the deck, but if you make one mistake, everything will collapse and you have to start all over again. Sometimes you destroy it on purpose in order to take advantage of the information received in the next cycle. In addition, the game is quite non-linear: the gameplay allows you to come to the same conclusion in several ways.

The protagonist of the story is a man voiced by James McAvoy. At the beginning of the game, the hero returns to the apartment, where he is met by his wife (Daisy Ridley). After greeting her husband, she invites him to try the dessert. But a few minutes later, a policeman, voiced by William Dafoe, bursts into the apartment, claiming that he has a warrant for his wife’s arrest; one wrong move, and everything immediately goes awry, as a result of which a new cycle begins. You cannot leave the apartment as this action also resets the time loop. And this moment was a kind of outlet: I perfectly understood that the solution to all these terrible events lies right here, in the hero’s apartment. There were simply no other places where I could have missed something. Of course, this same apartment can become an annoyance if you get stuck and cannot find the right route for a long time.

In the apartment, you can find many objects that you can select, study, apply and even combine. Coffee mugs, a kitchen knife, spoons, dessert plates, a mobile phone are just a few of them. You can pick up any item, and it will instantly appear in the classically designed inventory at the top of the screen. Understanding how and when to use these items is key to developing the story.

The small but stellar cast does an excellent job of bringing the story to life. Defoe looks especially dangerous as a cop. The subtle, dramatic score perfectly complements the key moments of the game. The ability to rewind previously viewed dialogs is an extremely important aspect that minimizes the need to repeat the same actions.

Meanwhile, Twelve Minutes is visually very simplified, and 8 hours is still a long time to look at the same apartment, and even in isometric view. The situation is aggravated by rudimentary animation similar to The Sims series, but once you are headlong into the central arch, you will not be able to stop yourself until you solve this riddle.

And, I must say, all your aspirations and efforts to solve, ultimately lead to an unusual outcome. Writer and director Luis Antonio follows an incredible sequence of events; when I saw on Steam that during the first entry I spent 7 hours in the game, I was pleasantly surprised – the time flew by and it seemed to me that it took 4 hours to complete the story.

Twelve Minutes Review verdict

Without endgame spoilers, it’s hard to convey all the enthusiasm I get when thinking about the time loop in Twelve Minutes. But, as in the case with the same Inside, I will do you a disservice if I now tell you about something. The only thing I can afford to say is that the result is worth it, and the incredible approach, through which screenwriter Luis Antonio literally turns the classic pint and click genre upside down, has allowed the developers to create an exciting unconventional story that is beautifully conveyed through the game. Add to this great result the professional performance of three respected actors, and the result is a mysterious crime that must be solved.

  • author: Maxim Averin

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