There will be no microtransactions in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Developer Firaxis Games has confirmed that in the tactical card battler Marvel’s Midnight Suns there will be no loot boxes or “so-called microtransactions.”

By replying to a fan tweet, Firaxis allayed any concerns about loot boxes or microtransactions in Marvel’s Midnight Suns that could provide donators with a competitive edge.

To quote a post from Marvel’s Midnight Suns official Facebook account:

Hey guys, as far as our card butler is concerned, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will not have loot boxes or so-called microtransactions with which to get more cards. You will be able to buy purely cosmetic improvements in the form of character skins that in no way affect the gameplay.

Announced at gamescom this year, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG from the creators of XCOM and Civilization, features iconic Avengers and X-Men characters as well as other Marvel characters including Blade. Earlier we told about the key features of the games and how it differs from the XCOM series. And there is also the first trailer for the gameplay of the game:

The release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is scheduled for March 2022 for PC, Switch, both PlayStation and Xbox.

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