There was an error downloading the FUT FIFA 22 Team Update, how to fix the bug?  –

When playing FIFA 22, there will be times when you will encounter the message “There was an error downloading the FUT Team Update”. We explain how to fix this bug. In FIFA 22 as in many other online games, it will sometimes happen that players sometimes have problems when trying to play the title, usually if this happens to you you will see an error message and among those you will see an error message. Here is one that says this: An error occurred while downloading the update from the FUT team. To solve it, there is no official way, but simply relaunching your game may in some cases solve it.

How to fix “An error occurred while downloading the FUT Team Update” bug on FIFA 22?

This problem seems to be quite recurrent since it was already encountered by some players on FIFA 21 if we are to believe the EA Answers help forums (source). On this forum, you will find that no official solution is available, but according to some users, here is what you can do to solve it: Close FIFA 22 and relaunch the game Change the DNS of your internet network. To learn more, you can consult the article on The crab info (source) Uninstall and reinstall your game if you have a sufficient connection, but this solution will be a last resort Of course, if you encounter this problem, you can consult the FIFA Direct Communication Facebook account (source) which will inform you if a bug is in progress on the title. You can go to the FIFA server status page on the EA website (source) and click on the “Server status” button to know the status of the servers. Finally, if you still cannot connect to the game and no information is available on the Facebook account or on the servers page, we recommend that you submit a service ticket on EA Help to have an advisor. who will assist you in resolving your concern.

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