The World Ends With You

NEO: The World Ends With You superboss is called “super” for a reason. It’s fast for one, which makes it hard to land beat combos. He can also kill your team in under three big hits (or one if you’re playing on Ultimate). But like any superboss, NEOs have a pattern, and a surprisingly easy-to-operate pattern with good timing and the right pins.

Where to find the NEO: The World Ends With You Superboss

To find Noise No. 92, Felidae Cantus, talk to the Minamimoto hanging around the highway underpass in Another Day. Make sure you’ve equipped your best gear before speaking to him, as you’ll be immediately thrown into battle after a short dialogue. Related: Where To Find All The Missing Axion, Dilaton & Dibaryon Pins In NEO: The World Ends With You

How to beat Felidae Cantus

Felidae Cantus has three main attacks: one where he summons a column of fire, a quick forward claw slash, and worst of all, a charged claw attack that can wipe out your HP in one to three hits. The first two are easy to dodge as long as you keep moving forward. It’s this nasty charged attack that you should watch out for. However, the third attack is also the easiest opening you can take advantage of. To operate it, you will need two pins: # 246 HOG Healer and # 247 Fang Defender. You don’t really need the HOG Healer, but equipping the two together will grant you the “Revivify Ensemble,” allowing Fang Defender to charge faster. Felidae Cantus is very clear on when he will make his devastating attack. Wait for that exact moment when he jumps on you and activate Fang Defender. The protective field will protect you and trigger a drop in pace. He won’t move for a while after this attack, so this is your opportunity to hit him with other attacks and hit your Groove. The superboss is weak against water, so you should consider the other # 260 Spin Twinz, # 266 Kappa Panic, and # 291 Frog attack pins. The Revivify set will ensure that Fang Defender is always ready to go when Felidae Cantus executes his one-hit killer. You just need to be on high alert for the entire battle! For more help with Neo: The World Ends With You, be sure to come back to Guides.

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