The Warrior Dog Event Guide

The Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog is the latest Inazuma-themed event to take place in Teyvat. It runs from December 7, 2021 to December 20, 2021 and is open to players of Adventure Rank 30 and above who have completed the Archon The Unchanging God and Eternal Euthymia quest. Be sure to meet Inzauma’s ninken and collect an amazing new gadget, among other rewards. This event takes place in four parts that will unlock progressively over the course of the event period, so be sure to check back these days for updates to this guide: Part Two: December 8, 2021 Part Three: 10 December 2021 Fourth part: December 12, 2021

Bantan Sango dossier: The mystery of the dark shadow

Players who meet the prerequisites will automatically receive the Bantan Sango case file from Event: Mystery of the Dark Shadow. It all starts at the Inazuma Adventurers Guild, where Katheryne sends you to help the Bantan Sango Detective Agency in Hanamizaka, run by Sango and Ryuuji. They tell you about a case of the disappearance of small animals. Sango will give you a new gadget called Ubiquity Net, which will help you capture missing creatures in specified locations. Related: How to Trigger and End the Friend to Animals Random Event in Genshin Impact

Inquiry # 1

Follow the quest marker to the first survey site in Tatarasuna, where Ryuuji will guide you through the mechanics of the event. Your objective is to save three small animals in the area, which is heavily guarded by Canine Bunshin. Stealth Radar Screenshot by Guides The Canine Bunshin has incredible senses that allow it to detect nearby intruders. Fortunately, getting close to them will make their stealth radar visible. You will be safe as long as you do not enter the red circle. When you enter the red circle, the Canine Bunshin will be alerted to your presence and start attacking you. They don’t do a lot of damage, but you can’t fight back either. Small animals that need to be rescued will disappear from view when the Canine Bunshin actively attacks you, so you need to get off their radar. Smoke Machines Screenshot by Guides Much like real ninjas, smoke machines have been set up in the area to keep you out of sight. Activating them will prevent the Canine Bunshin from detecting your presence, which will also calm them down if you accidentally engage in a fight. Make good use of these machines by activating them whenever you see them. Fireworks Screenshot by Guides Fireworks machines have been placed around the Canine Bunshin patrol area. Activate the fireworks to distract the dogs and give yourself an opening to secure the small animals. Related: Genshin Impact Yoimiya Best Build, Team & More! Omni-Ubiquity Network Screenshot by Guides The Omni-Ubiquity net can be used to capture small animals in this rescue operation. Small animals are marked with a horizontal light above their head. While the Bunshin Canines are also small and cute, they don’t count as hostages in this event! Start by equipping the Omni-Ubiquity Net from the gadget inventory. Step 1: Activate the Net using the Gadget Button (Z for PC, Click for Mobile, and L1 + O for PlayStation) after equipping it. Step 2: Click the Elemental Skill button to quickly release the net from a small distance. Or hold the elemental skill button to aim the net at a smaller animal from a longer distance.

Inquiry # 2

Screenshot by Guides After completing the first survey, follow the quest marker to the second survey site north of Fort Fujitou. This part involves a little battle. Defeat the Treasurers and Kairagi to clear the camp. Once done, interact with the two cages with small animals to release them. The completion of the second investigation concludes the first part of the event. There are three other parts to this event, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates. In the meantime, we have other Genshin Impact guides to keep you occupied here on Guides.

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