The Tribes of Midgard Valhalloween event has just started!

Image from Norsfell and Gearbox LLC Tribes of Midgard are hosting a special monthly scary event that will run from October 12 through November 1. During the event, players can complete challenges to earn special in-game items and collect costume sets from the in-game store via in-game currency. New enemy variants have also been added to accompany the event. event and are needed for specific challenges that will unfold later in the month. For example, during the third week of Valhalloween, players will have to kill 75 Pumpkin Goblins. There are a total of three challenges that players can complete and each will last for a certain amount of time. Here are all of the start and end dates for the Festive Challenges for the Tribes of Midgard Valhalloween event. Festive challenge Start date End date How to complete it? Reward Festive Challenge One October 12 October 18 Kill a total of 20 Linnorms Gravestone Loot Chest Festive Challenge Two October 19 October 25 Kill 50 Val Helthings Little Stranger Pet Festive Challenge Three October 26 November 1 Kill 75 Pumpkin Goblins Valhalloween Portrait Related: Tribes of Midgard Mid-Saga Patch Notes: Wolf 1.50 – Everything Coming to the Valhalloween Event Along with the Halloween Goblins, the Helthings also received a new enemy variant called Val Helthings, pictured here above alongside the pumpkin goblins. However, these two enemies aren’t the only ones to be in the spirit of Halloween during the event. The entire game has received a makeover and now has a spooky Halloween feel. In short, expect tons of pumpkins everywhere as shown below. Image courtesy of Norsfell and Gearbox LLC Overall, there’s tons of stuff to do during this new event, and the game features a total of three costume sets to collect in the store and new themed pets. Halloween. Here’s the full list of costume and pet sets you can earn during the Valhalloween event in Tribes of Midgard. Together Coustme and Animals How to unlock? Linnorm Costume Set Gold Horns in the Shop Norseman Headless Set Gold Horns in the Shop Werewolf Set Platinum Coins in the Shop Fluffy Fang Pet Platinum Coins in the Shop Little Stranger Pet Complete Challenge 2 during the event Check out other Tribes of Midgard guides on Guides!

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