The Forms of Couafarel, how to change its appearance on Pokémon GO?

It is now possible to change the Cup of certain Pokémon on Pokémon GO. How to obtain and change the forms of Couafarel? On the occasion of the Fashion Week event for Fashion Week on Pokémon, a brand new feature is introduced – Find out how to change Couafarel’s form and obtain his various Cups.

Changing the form of Couafarel on Pokémon GO

When you encounter and capture a Couafarel, it is first and foremost in its Wild Form; however, you can take advantage of the various Couafarel Cups, and disguise it. Here’s how to change its appearance: Go to the Pokémon storage and select Couafarel Press the “Change Shape” button to open the list of available Cups Choose your Cup for Couafarel You will need 25 Couafarel Candies and 10,000 Dust Canvas

The different Cups of Couafarel

Source There are different forms for Couafarel. Here is the list of available Cups: Wild Shape: available anywhere in the world Madame Cup: available worldwide as a change of shape Monsieur Cup: available worldwide as a change of shape Demoiselle Cup: available in the Americas as a change of shape Cup Diamond: available in Europe, Middle East and Africa as a change of shape Star Cup: available for Asia-Pacific as a change of shape Queen Cup: available in France as a change of shape Kabuki Cup: available in Japan as a change of Pharaoh Cup form: Available in Egypt as a Heart Cup form change: More information to come As with some regional Pokémon, you will need to be in certain parts of the globe to get Cups for Couafarel.

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