The creators of Last of Us and Uncharted are working on their first multiplayer game

Game Series Development Team The last of us and Uncharted, Naughty Dog looking for new employees. The studio needs people to join the multiplayer team. This will be the first standalone project with multiplayer.

If you look at the history of the studio, you can remember how Naughty Dog has already tried to find people to create a multiplayer title. Various vacancies have hinted that one of these has been in development for some time. This time the company spoke openly about it, thanks to which we unwittingly received an official confirmation of the existence of the project.

The studio’s official Facebook account has posted a series of jobs in Game Design, Programming, Visual Effects, Quality Control, and User Interface. All 12 required positions are for a mysterious multiplayer game.

There are rumors that we are talking about a multiplayer spin-off Last of Us, because during the development of the second part, the studio spent a lot of time creating a system that would take over the faction mode of the original, but in the end froze this aspect, since work on the single player was almost completed … Then the studio said that it still intends to complete the creation of this system, but we have not heard more details about it.

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