The Best MTG Arena Starter Decks

Image via Magic Digital Studio Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the most renowned deck-building card games. It’s also free to play, which is another reason to test your skills, especially if you like high fantasy settings. The best way to enter this game is to get payouts at the card table. For this, you will need to create the best MTG Arena starter decks.

Three Best Starter Decks in Magic The Gathering Arena

Creating the best MTG Arena decks for beginners can be a challenge because there are so many cards available to you. Although the number of choices can be overwhelming, we have some starter decks as suggestions for you. Try them out and you might have new ideas for card combinations to try out. If you need help getting card packs and other freebies, look at MTG Arena Codes.

Naya Lifegain Ignus Combo Starter Deck in MTG Arena

This is a great starter deck because it allows you to dominate the meta by combining the abilities of Racketeer Boss, Grinning Ignus, and Birgi, God of Storytelling which give you a huge advantage. If that advantage isn’t enough, this deck contains cards with the Lifegain ability that will give you even more life. x4 Lunarch Veteran x4 Boss Racket x4 Prosperous Innkeeper x4 Voice of the Blessed x1 Dina, Stiffer Soul x3 Trelasarra, Moon Dancer x4 Smiling Ignus x4 Birgi, God of Storytelling x4 Captain Inquisitor x4 Cabaretti Feasts x3 Needle Path x3 Branchloft Path x4 Stony Crown Path x4 Sunset Pass x4 Overgrown Farmland x2 Rockfall Valley x4 Garden of Jetmir x3 Thalia, Warden of Thraben x4 Elite Spellbinder x4 Skyclave Appearance x4 Curse of Silence

Black Zombies Mono

Related: Best MTG Arena Decks As the name suggests, zombies are the center of attention in this deck. This is a classic aggro deck, which means you want to destroy the opponent as quickly as possible. You’ll do this by overwhelming him with a bunch of zombie cards such as Tainted Adversary, Jadar – Ghoulcaller of Nephalia, and Champion of the Perished. x4 Eyetwitch x4 Dungeon Crawler x4 Flickering Ghost x4 Doomed Dissenter x4 Archghoul of Thraben x4 Fallen Stinger x4 Malakir Rebirth x3 Power Word Slain x3 Hero’s Fall x2 Bloodlord’s Thirst x4 Raid on Okiba’s Calculator x20 Swamp x1 Science Environment x1 Expanded Anatomy x1 Summon Summon x1 Prophecy Introduction x2 Necrotic Vapors x1 Vermin Summon

Boros Aggro

Most of the best MTG Arena stater decks are created for aggro strategy. You must attack from the start, because you have no time to lose. Every turn counts as you must establish your dominance on the battlefield and smother the opponent with a steady stream of aggressive minions. Some cheap cards like Hopeful Initiate and Bloodthirsty Adversary are great early picks. x4 Hopeful Initiate x4 Luminarch Aspirant x4 Bloodthirsty Adversary x4 Dawn Rider x4 Brutal Cathar x4 Lightning Raiju x4 Playing with Fire x1 Valorous Stance x4 Eruption Roll x4 Kumano faces Kakkazan x6 Mountain x8 Plains x4 Path of the Needle x2 Furious Rumble x3 Scarecrow’s Lair For more info on digital trading card games, look at guides like Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Deck Building Guide, How to Cover Decks in Hearthstone, and Beginner’s Guide for Monster Train.

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