TFT: Compo Reroll Kled and Kennen with Trublion (Hellion) –

How to play the Reroll Trublion composition with Kled and Kennen? The editorial staff offers you a guide on champions, items, radiant objects and positioning. Kled is a very proficient carry on Teamfight Tactics in Set 5.5, capable of dealing massive physical damage.Here is our guide to tackling composition, with champions to play, important items, radiant items, and positioning tips. .

The Reroll Trublion and Cavalier line-up with Kled and Kennen

With this composition, you want to avoid being too challenged to be able to slow roll at level 5 and find Kled 3 stars. Poppy and Ziggs are also great to have, but aren’t your priority. Once you have Kled 3 you can pass level 6 and continue to slow roll a bit for Kennen 3 star which offers a lot of utility. Then you should level up normally. If you have 3 star Ziggs you can play him as a secondary carry, but otherwise you can still use Teemo at the end of the game. being to arrive with as much gold as possible in stage 3. At the end of the game, you can either play 6 Trublions (Hellion), or play only 4 and play other synergies such as Mystics, Battleships ( Ironclad), RevENTS …

The favorite stuff on Kled and Kennen

Tristana (main carry)

Kled is your main carry and you should prioritize his items. It can be played either with three offensive objects or with two offensives and one defensive.
Other options

Kennen (utility)

Kennen isn’t a real tank, but he’ll save a lot of your build time with utility items that allow him to stun, burn, and slow opponents.

Other interesting objects

Claw of the Banshee: This item is relevant for protecting your Kled, especially since it often rushes into the middle of the opposing team. It can go to Kennen for example.Magic Power Items: At the end of the game, you can play Teemo or Ziggs 3 stars as secondary carrys with items like Blue Buff, Rabadon Headdress, Precious Gauntlet …

The best radiant items

Always try to choose radiant items according to what you need: if you don’t have all the items from your main carry yet, take a light item from him. Conversely, if he already has three items, use utility or items for a secondary carry. Here are the light objects that we recommend for this composition.

What to choose as an emblem (spatula object)?

Trublion (Hellion) (+): With this Spatula you can easily get 6 or even 8 Trublions. She can go to Heimerdinger, but you can also play her on a Volibear so that he throws his area stun twice.
Cavalier: You can put it on Kennen for example to make it even harder to kill.
Otherwise, you can use other more versatile emblems like Mystic or Battleship (Ironclad) for example. As usual, the Force of Nature is always a great option.

Positioning advice

It may be relevant not to have Kled in the frontline so that he is not targeted first and can avoid certain opposing checks. Ideally you want him on the opposite side of the opposing frontline so that he has a chance to go around it and go to the backline. If possible, have Kennen on the opposite side of the opposing carries as his stun goes towards the more champion. away from him. If he manages to go melee with champions like Aphelios, Vel’Koz or Lucian, it will have a huge impact on the fight. You want more articles on TFT? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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