Terrier de Gratteroc, where to find the chests?  –

In New World, it is possible to complete a Seek and Find quest in the Rock Burrow in which you will have to open three chests to obtain documents. We tell you where to find them. In New World which is available since Tuesday, September 28 on PC, it is possible to complete many quests that will give you experience and rewards. Among the list of quests present in the game, there are quests “Search and find ”for the faction of Shadows during one of which you will have to go to the Burrow of Gratteroc to find 3 chests containing sealed documents. Two chests will be fairly easy to find since they will be in the den, as for the third, you will be given its location.

Where can we find the three chests in the Burrow in New World?

If you are looking to find the location of these three chests, it is because you have picked up the “Seek and Find” faction quest which will require you to go to the Grave Rock Burrow in Windward. As you did not tell you previously, the first two chests are easy to find since they are in the cave. As a reminder, the den is located at the location of the bear icon on the map below.For the third chest, you will have to go back outside and go through the right of the cave entrance. and walk along it until you see some ruins. As soon as you have spotted them, climb to reach a sort of bivouac with the chest next to it. However, be careful of the skeletons that may be there and attack you. If you want to know more about this quest and how to find the three chests, you can look at the video below from Roar. You want more articles on New World? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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