Tempo Priest Deck Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone’s new expansion –

What is the best Priest deck to play for the release of Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone? Here is a theorycraft decklist Priest aggro tempo. With the arrival of Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone is enriched with no less than 135 new cards. With the new Impregnation mechanic and the Locations, a new type of card, the meta of the game should change a lot, especially for the Priest. Hearthstone’s new expansion.

What is the best Priest deck for Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone?

With the reveal of Hearthstone’s 135 new cards, players have theorycrafting decks to try out when the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion releases. This Priest deck has great potential that will be confirmed when the meta is more stable.
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Tempo Ready Gameplay

Rather accustomed to fairly slow archetypes, the priest has slowly opened up to faster decks over the various expansions. With the support of new cards from the expansion to reinforce his minions, the priest is set to become one of the most aggressive classes in the meta. The deck is capable of surprising and quickly lethal for your opponent. Here is how the game plan is divided: Mulligan / Early Game: In the starting hand, you will look for your minions allowing you to put some pressure. Vicious Slitherspear and Serpentine Wig, for example, are great cards to have early in the game. Mid Game: In the middle game, Pegalos and Accomplice will allow you to quickly have unmanageable minions for your opponent, coupled with the new Cathedral of Atonement location. Late Game: You have no card that has value at the end of the game or that allows you to comeback on the board. Your only chance to win is to have minions still on the board, boost them, and finish off your opponent. As a reminder, Murder at Castle Nathria is available on Hearthstone on August 2, 2022. Published on 02/08/2022 at 18:18

Updated on 02/08/2022 at 18:18

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