Talon Jungle Guide S11: Build, runes and spells on LoL –

How to play Talon Jungle? Find our guide to find out which items to buy, which runes to adopt and which spells to favor! Talon is a League of Legends champion and is played Jungle. In order to master this character, we offer you a guide on the runes to use, the items to buy, the summoner spells to choose and finally the spells to be maxed out as a priority.

Talon Jungle runes on LoL

Talon Jungle Summoner Spells

Punishment: Absolutely necessary for playing in the jungle. Ignite: Ideal for an aggressive start to the game with bonus damage and to prevent your opponents from regenerating health.

Talon Jungle starting items

Glowing Knife: The red smite is very effective in dueling against the opposing jungler, or if you can repeatedly attack the enemy while ganking.

The build of Talon Jungle

Mythical object

Eviscerator: This mythical item is ideal for reducing the CD of your spells, as well as for surprising your opponent with a big burst and healing when you are low in HP.

Build Standard

Eviscerator Youmuu’s Specter Blade Black Cleaver The Youmuu greatly increases Talon’s mobility, especially outside of combat. The Black Cleaver, in addition to reducing the armor of opponents you hit, will give you additional health, which is not insignificant on a vulnerable champion like Talon.

Other endgame options

The Cloak of the Night allows you to take a skill without being affected. Serylda’s Grudge synergizes perfectly with Talon’s spell kit. If the opponents have a lot of care, L’Epée Dentelée chimico punk is essential. Finally, The Guardian Angel is a good defensive object, especially against physical damage. Sterak’s Gage is a good object to gain offensive statistics without making yourself vulnerable to the burst.

Choice of Boots

Boots of Lucidity: If your champion has a great need for haste early in the game, these boots are for you!

Talon Jungle spells

The spells to max are in the order: Z> A> E You generally want to start at Z, then put a dot in A at level 2 and in E at level 3. You want more articles on League of Legends? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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