T Rex Game, how to play Google dinosaur game?

In case of internet connection problem, it is often possible to play T Rex Game on Google. But how do you play this dinosaur game when you have the internet? For years, an easter egg has been available on Google Chrome: in the event of loss of internet connection, it is possible to play the dinosaur game, the T-Rex Game. This one disappears once the connection to the internet is restored, when the page finally loads! This T-Rex Game, when played, can quickly be addicting and it is a shame not to be able to play it once the internet is back. However, there is a solution to be able to play it anytime, anywhere: just go to the T-Rex runner site (source).

How to play Google’s dinosaur game, the T Rex Game?

To play the T Rex Game from Google Chrome, several solutions exist: You can go to the T-Rex runner site, from any browser. This is the easiest solution, which will allow you to play anytime. The second solution is to manually disconnect from the internet and then open Google Chrome. The game should now appear, and you can play it! By using these solutions, you should be able to play without any problem! If you do not know the principle of the T-Rex Game, it is very simple: you play as a dinosaur, who must simply jump obstacles, without ever touching them. Go as far as possible without hitting any obstacle to get the best possible score. You will only need the space bar to be able to play!

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