SteelSeries Genshin Impact, how do I get the first free gems?

From time to time, it is possible to obtain first gems for free on Genshin Impact. This time, it’s SteelSeries that offers it! Primo-gems are the main currency of Genshin Impact, and it is therefore necessary to obtain them to progress comfortably in the game. There are different ways to get them, some of which are paid. But sometimes, it is possible that the publisher offers free primo-gems, or that some brands offer to win some! This is currently the case of the SteelSeries brand, which has just launched a giveaway of 50 primo-gems, that many people can win. The giveaway is still in its infancy, so many keys are still available.

How to win SteelSteries first gems on Genshin Impact?

To obtain the 50 primo gems offered on Genshin Impact, simply follow the steps below: Go to the giveaway website (source) Click on “Get Key” Connect to your SteelSeries account, or create it in a new one Return to the giveaway site once you are connected Your key will appear after a few seconds of loading! All you have to do is enter this code in Genshin Impact, to obtain the 50 first gems promised. The code can be used on any account, since it is not linked to a specific account! You can therefore collect the key for one of your friends if you wish. The number of available keys is limited, so don’t wait to collect your free first gems! If you do it too late, the giveaway may be over. You want more articles on Genshin Impact? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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