Starter Crime All Elements Guide

Choosing the right crime for an inquisitor in Salt and Sacrifice is just as important as choosing your character’s class. A good starting crime item can dramatically increase your stats and provide other powerful bonuses. This guide will list all of the starting crime items in Salt and Sacrifice, as well as provide you with brief descriptions of what they mean.

All starting crime items in Salt and Sacrifice

alchemy crime

Starting item: 3x Phlogiston Decoction. A Phlogiston decoction is a powerful potion that can be thrown at enemies and explode on impact. The Alchemy crime selection gives you three of these potions.

Criminal fire

Starting Item: 5 Firebombs. Firebombs are very similar in design to Phlogiston Concoctions, but in this case you get five of each.

Crime of blasphemy

Starting Item: 1x Censer of Harmony. This item allows you to turn hostile creatures into friends by having them attack invaders.

Crime of robbery

Starting Item: 1x Cutthroat Dagger. This may seem like an extra weapon in your arsenal, but in reality, it just increases your stamina, which is good for mobile classes.

Crime of drunkenness

Starter item: 5x Cracked Wineskins. This item can be refilled and used to store your consumables, such as restorative elixirs.

Crime of counterfeiting

Starting Item: 1 Forged Deed. This is a forged document for land in the Altarstone Kingdom, which can be sold to merchants in exchange for goods.

Crime of heresy

Starting item: 1x Krine Tablet. This is another trade item, but you can only trade it for 5x Dawnlight Tokens.

Crime of lasciviousness

Starting Item: 1x Lock of Hair/This is an upgrade material, which can be used at the blacksmith to upgrade your weapons.

smuggling crime

Starter Item: 1x Signal Lantern/Lanterns are useful for lighting the way through the darkest of dungeons in Altarstone Kingdom.

Crime of lavishness

Starter item: 1x Signet ring. The signet ring is a charm ring, which can be used to identify the value of an individual.

Crime of usury

Starting Item: 1x Bag of Silver. A Bag of Silver equal to 1,000 Silver, which can be used to purchase items from Merchants.

crime of vagrancy

Starting Item: 1 Wooden Doll. You can give a doll to Herbalist Shanna in Pardoner’s Vale and receive Gray Starstone in a trade. Related Guides These are all starting crime items in Salt and Sacrifice. Also be sure to look at the rest of the Salt and Sacrifice tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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