Stardew Valley creator unveils new game – Haunted Chocolatier

Eric “The ConcernedApe” Barone created the indie hit Stardew Valley mostly on his own, and the developer is now set to reveal his next game. Temptingly referred to as Haunted Chocolatier, the first gameplay clip aired on the YouTube channel. official ConcernedApe. The video shows that the game has a similar aesthetic to Stardew Valley. Both games also seem to share a lot of gameplay mechanics, including NPC romance and customizing your workspace. However, Haunted Chocolatier seems more action-oriented than Stardew. Haunted Chocolatier has a more supernatural setting too, with ghosts scattered throughout the game. came as a “flash”. Ape wanted to make a more fantastic game and do something that wasn’t limited in the same way that Stardew Valley was. Ape has chocolate as a theme because he felt that everyone loves chocolate. Ape also confessed that he didn’t work on the full game as he was still working on it. Based on the early gameplay sequences, Haunted Chocolatier will allow players to take control of a recruit for a mysterious location. The avatar of the player will be the new chocolatier of the place and will be in charge of making the chocolate. For more on Stardew Valley and Haunted Chocolatier, keep reading on Guides.

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