Square Enix Teases Fighter, Shadowwalker, and Mage Jobs in Harvestella

Image via Square Enx Square Enix has teased three jobs available in the upcoming farming simulation RPG, Harvestella. Players can take a look at Fighter, Shadow Walker, and Mage jobs for Harvestella. This news comes via the official Square Enix Twitter and states, “Fighters unleash swift sword techniques, Shadowwalkers enhance their own attacks with twin blades, and Mages harness the elements to attack from long range. » Each class has its own style of play, offering different ways to pay. Related: Valkyrie Elysium – Release Date, Platforms & Everything We Know The tweet further shares, “Which one will you train in first? which means you will be able to change class during the fight. This allows you to use different combinations and strategies as well as being ready for any fight. Harvestella combines action RPG and farming simulator to create one delightful title. These three classes are now revealed, but it’s unclear if the title will feature more classes. You can follow the official Square Enix and Harvestella Twitter to stay updated on the title. #Harvestella gives your hero several jobs to help him fight against the enemies of his worlds. Fighters unleash swift sword techniques, shadow walkers enhance their own attacks with twin blades, and mages harness the elements to attack from long range. Which will you train in first? pic.twitter.com/VcDpdrjEZp — Square Enix (@SquareEnix) July 27, 2022 For more game info, see When is Star Ocean The Divine Force Release Date? and What is the DioField Chronicle? Release date, platforms, strategy and more! on our guides.

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