Spirit Mail Kena Bridge of Spirits, where are the Spirit Mail?  –

Spirit mail is one of the items to collect in Kena Bridge of Spirits. Check out all of their locations to find and return them easily! Kena Bridge of Spirits is finally available for all players, on PS4, PS5 and PC! In this adventure, different types of objects are to be collected, some having their own utility. Others are simply to be returned to their owners, this is the case with Spirit Courts! You are given the location of the 10 Spirit Couriers to find in Kena Bridge of Spirits to fully complete this part of the game.

Where are the Spirit Mail, or Spirit Mail, in Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Kena Bridge of Spirits Spirits Couriers are among the items that are important to collect to pick up the game! These are letters, having “once belonged to villagers.” Kena and the Rots must return them to their owners. They can thus find peace and restore their homes. In total, there are ten couriers that you will have to find, in different places of the game. You can use the map below to find out all their locations. We recommend that you click on it to enlarge it, and better see these different locations: Click on the map to open and enlarge it Once the mails have been collected, do not forget to bring them back to their owners! In each zone where you are, you will be able to see if you have collected all the mails or not thanks to the interface: The number of mails of the spirits present in this zone is indicated there!

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