Skyrim Best Bows Tier List: Every Ranked Bow

Bows have always been considered the best type of ranged physical weapon in Skyrim. They are light and strong, and can be easily improved with a grindstone. There are over 30 bows in the game, some of which are unique and cannot be crafted or purchased. These bows are generally the strongest in the game and have special enchantments on them. This tier list guide will list the best arcs in Skyrim, as well as any other arcs present in the game. Some of the high tier arcs will not only require you to reach high progression levels but also complete various complicated quests. Make sure that most of them are worth it and that they will be of great use to you throughout your visit.

Skyrim S-Tier Bows

Nightingale bow

What makes Nightingale Bow really special is the leveled design. This means that the higher the level of your character, the higher the damage inflicted by Nightingale Bow. Your character level also influences the power of enchantments that can be applied to this bow. As soon as you reach level 46 or higher, Nightingale Bow easily becomes Skyrim’s strongest bow. Since this is a unique bow, you cannot craft or buy it anywhere. You can only get it after completing the quest “Blind”, given by Brynjolf to Riften, The Rift. You’ll also notice that Nightingale Bow is imbued with two enchantments: Frost Damage Shock Damage. Finally, you can grind it up using an Ebony Ingot and an Arcane Blacksmith Perk.

Dragon bone bow

Dragonbone weapons are universally recognized as the best weapons in Skyrim, and the Dragonbone Bow is no exception. This is an extremely powerful bow that can be picked up from the Guardians of the Soul Cairn plane in Oblivion, or you can craft it after you reach forge level 100 and unlock the Dragon Armor perk. The recipe for crafting is as follows: 2x Dragon Bone 1x Ebony Ingot

Skyrim A-level bows

Arc of Shadows

Bow of Shadows was originally a part of the Creation Club, but is now available for free to all owners of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. This unique arc grants players invisibility. This unique bow cannot be crafted and can only be obtained after completing the quest “In the Shadows”, given by Proventus Avenicci, an Imperial Steward in Whiterun. Bow of Shadows is imbued with two amenities: The latter makes you draw arrows 20% faster than usual.

Daedra Arc

Daedric Bow is certainly one of the most powerful arcs in Skyrim, and luckily you can just find it in the open world without needing to complete dark quests. There is a great chance that it will fall from legendary and revered dragons, but you can also find it in the following locations after reaching level 47: Purchasable from Niranye, Windhelm merchant Purchasable from Tonilia, a thief of Riften Purchasable from the merchant Dremora, using the black market spell Inside the Grood Cavern, Hjaalmarch Inside the Syndus shop at the Ragged Flagon Tavern, The Rift The Daedric Arc can also be crafted or summoned. You can find a full description of both of these methods in our Daedric Weapons Guide.

Arch of Stalhrim

There are several very rare materials in Skyrim, and Stalhrim is one of them. It can only be mined in Solstheim, using the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe. This rare material makes Stalhrim’s Bow particularly suitable for various Frost Enchantments. Before you can craft this bow, you must complete the quest “A New Source of Stalhrim”, given by Deor Woodcutter in Skaal Village, Solstheim, reach Blacksmith Level 80, and unlock the Ebony Forge perk. Then you can craft a Stalhrim Bow using 3x Stalhrim. You can also find this bow in the following locations: Purchasable from Baldor Iron-Shaper, a blacksmith in the village of Skaal Purchasable from Glover Mallory, a blacksmith in Raven Rock

Skyrim B-Level Bows

Dwarf Black Doom Bow

This unique bow might not have the highest damage, but it does have a one-of-a-kind enchantment that absorbs health, stamina, and even magic. There is no way for players to craft or purchase the Black Bow of Dwarf Fate, and there is no quest associated with it. However, there is a way to get it, if you follow these steps: Get at least four Kagrumez Resonance Gems Arrive in Kagrumez, south of Miraak Temple, Solstheim Place the gems in the correct order to open the doors Enter into the south-eastern room Pick up the black bow of dwarf fate in the display

Ebony arch

The Ebony Bow has the same stats as the Stalhrim Bow but without the Frost enchantment ability. But other than that, it’s a very powerful bow and getting it is a lot easier once you hit level 37. You can collect this bow from the Draugr Deathlords who protect the Word Walls, or buy it from Falas Selvayn, a merchant at the Ramshackle Trading Post, Solstheim. You can also craft the Ebony Bow, after reaching Blacksmithing Level 80 and unlocking the Ebony Forging Perk, using just 3x Ebony Ingots.

Auriel’s bow

Here is a unique bow specially designed to fight against the living dead. Auriel’s bow is infused with the Sun Damage enchantment, which deals three times more damage to undead than the normal bow. This bow cannot be crafted or purchased. But you can get it after completing the quest “Touching the Sky”, given by Serana, a pureblood vampire, which can be met at the Dimhollow Crypt, The Pale. The arch itself is found inside the Inner Shrine of the Forgotten Valley, Haafingar.

Gauldur’s Black Bow

Gauldur Blackbow is very similar in design to Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, but his enchantment can only absorb magic. As expected, this bow cannot be crafted or purchased. You can only get it after completing the “Forbidden Legend” quest, which begins right after reading the “Lost Legends” book. You can purchase the book from Urag gro-Shub, an Arcanaeum mage librarian at the College of Winterhold. Gauldur Blackbow can be picked up during this quest from Sigdis Gauldurson at Geirmund’s Hall, The Rift.

Skyrim CF level arcs

The rest of Skyrim’s arcs will be listed in Tier C, D, E, and F from best to worst: Arc Damage Speed ​​Floor Glass Arc 15 0.63 C + The End of Firiniel 13 0.69 C + Zephyr 12 1.00 C + Nordic Bow 13 0.69 C Elven Bow 13 0.69 C Drainage Spell Bow 14 0.88 C Ten Hunting Bow 0.94 C Falmer Soft Bow 15 0.75 C Prince Deer Glass Bow 16 0 , 63 C- Froki’s bow 6 1.00 C- Dwarf bow 12 0.75 C- Ancient Nordic flexible bow 14 0.88 C- Nordic hero’s bow 11 0.88 C- Orc ten bow 0.88 J + Perjured Bow 12 0.88 J + Falmer’s Bow 12 0.75 J + Imperial Bow 9 0.75 D Angi’s Bow 7 0.94 D- Dravin’s Bow 7 0.94 D- Hunting Bow 7 0.94 D- Ancient Nordic Bow 8 0.88 E Longbow 6 1.00 F Related Guides These are the best bows in Skyrim. For more Skyrim tips and tricks articles, please see the links above.

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