Sims 4 High School Never Ends – July 2022 Patch Notes Explained

Screenshot by our guides The Sims 4 takes a village to manage consistently. This village has released another set of patch notes for July in preparation for the release of the latest pack. Here’s a simplified breakdown of all the changes in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 July 2022 Patch and Patch Notes – What’s Changed?

Bug fixes

These are all the miscellaneous fixes in The Sims 4 for the July 2022 Update. You may have noticed these glitches or unflattering features, or they may not have bothered you at all. Either way, these monthly improvements help keep this massive game running smoothly.


Flickering in Eco Lifestyle environment fixed. Cursor issue with chicken coops in Cottage Living patched. Controller legend is now hidden when using Notebook.

Basic game

Image via Electronic Arts Scooting to open the side of the bed, Grab Serving for toddlers and Game Mat jogging stationary. Several miscellaneous conversation prompts stabilized. Cars in the distance look more realistic. By clicking on Hygiene, Sims take care of themselves instead of cleaning the house. The Vault Modular Counter no longer changes color when dirty. Sims with no preferences can still ask about other people’s preferences. Pregnancy monitoring and improved data. Game crashes have stabilized. Improved the placement of lots in the gallery. Improved dragonfly and mosquito animations. Sim portrait and Sim name no longer overlap. You can now hover over Promotion Terms in the Career tab to see more information. Lot Challenges has an additional hover feature for more information. Related: What comes with The Sims 4 Years High School Bundle?

Expansion packs

Image via Electronic Arts Stabilized “Conference Call Hosting” function. Lifestyle-Go-Poof Potion works again. Amount of active lifestyles set. Fixed mountain excursion cancellation. The chicken coops keep the same color when they are dirty. Egg Hunt Holiday no longer stops at having chickens. Fixed bandana hair swatch. Verdant Mushroom Soup back on cooking options. Cat & Dogs curtains can be placed around windows. Gnomes in inventory no longer produce seeds indefinitely. Fixed the Outdoor Adventurer badge progression. Rewards for specialization careers are fixed. Go to class earlier now appears an hour earlier. Sims already on campus will go to class early. Fixed Juice Fizzing station ingredient list. Dyed in an Explosion moodlet now fixed in the shower or bath.

Game packs

Teenagers hitting stuffed animals now lose empathy points. In StrangerVille Secret Lab, error code 106:7f97032:aa761f01 no longer appears. Fixed Hot Tip mission in Journey to Batuu. Color swatch for capri pants from Dream Home Decorator corrected. Explore stabilized underground tunnel action.

Stuff Packs

Improved the texture of the Murphy bed remote control.


Vaccum now has the ability to hire a repairman. Sparks now work for the broken Dusty Chaperone Upright Vacuum. Related: How to Move Objects Up and Down in The Sims 4

Content updated and added

Screenshot by our guides Rather than stabilized and fixed content, this is the list of items that have been added or improved in The Sims 4. This can range from free Create a Sim content to the colors of the updated user interface. Here’s what happened this month.


Sims Cell Phone OS design and cover options have been updated. Sexual orientation and gender now have more in-depth options, including the ability to prefer a specific gender. Cravings and Fears will now replace Whims in The Sims 4. This is an attempt to return to the more classic Sims style of character management.

Content added

Body hair is now available for free in CAS. You no longer need the werewolf pack to add hair. Curved Walls are now available in-game in Build/Buy mode. Want to learn more about The Sims 4? If so, look at How to Cheat Max Skills in The Sims 4 – All Sims 4 Skill Cheats and How to Get Unlimited Money in The Sims 4 Using Cheats on our guides.

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