Should I buy Len’s Island?  – Len’s Island Early Access Review

Len’s Island is a survival crafting title that puts the player in control of a customizable character who must explore the dark secrets of a mysterious island. The game is in quite an intriguing state which offers a bit of peaceful bliss and challenge. The best parts of Len’s Island were the crafting and base building, although players may feel overlooked due to the game’s lack of explanation. Len’s Island instantly brings back memories of similar games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. This familiarity is very evident from the characteristics of the game’s dungeon, enemies, and secrets to fight and uncover. Players will also find plenty of exploration on Len’s Island, as they have to research all the points of interest on their own. Image via Flow Studio The island itself is fun to explore, and players have to experience the vast majority of the features on their own. For example, there is no getting started tutorial; players appear and are free to move anywhere. Later, you even stumble upon a dungeon that’s great for exploring and, more importantly, collecting resources while fending off enemies. This area is a great addition to the game, however, finding it can be difficult if you are unsure of the location of the dungeon. Again, there’s no getting started at Len’s Island. But once you get the hang of it, dungeon crawling quickly becomes an activity where you’ll likely sink days after recess. Related: Where To Find Salvaged Metal in Len’s Island? At first approach, the harvest of resources seemed dull and gloomy. In short, harvesting resources seemed way too exhausting, but that was before we found a unique system involving critical hits. Players can speed up the resource harvesting process by timing hits to do more damage to trees and rocks. If it is timed correctly, you will speed up the harvesting process by ten. Image via Flow Studio However, crafting and building were straightforward mechanics. It’s just fun to spend a day building a house and crafting the parts needed to decorate and complete your vision. All of that harvest ends up paying off when your house is built, making it a rewarding experience. Overall, the lack of getting started tutorials is a nice change from other titles that often feel the need to be overly explanatory. However, some players may find the lack of a story or explanation off-putting at first. Beyond harvesting resources, the lack of story or explanations for some of the game’s features leads to some aspects of Len’s Island not being clear, which may put off newcomers. On the other hand, the lack of guidance is precisely what is gratifying, adding to the game’s sense of exploration and freedom of the player. If you stick with it and trust your own sensitivity as a gamer, you might find it not too difficult to experience this world, as all you have to do is explore, and you will eventually locate points of interest. Screenshot by Guides

Pros and cons of playing Len’s Island

Pros Cons Solid base building Lack of history can lead to feeling lost Easy to use crafting system Unclear objectives Pleasant and rewarding exploration Decent combat system

Verdict – We recommend you try it

If you’re looking for a decent survival title that has a lot of potential for future content, look no further than Len’s Island. Those who are willing to ignore some uncertainty at the start of the game can enjoy the game in its current state. From crafting to basic building, there is a lot of content present in the game that will be expanded over time. For this reason, many players and those who have enjoyed similar titles, such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, will find a welcoming home on Len Island. For more content on Len’s Island, we at Guides have you covered.

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