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With the arrival of Set 6, new emblem recipes (spatula items) will be available, while some items will also be modified. TFT’s Set 6, called Teamfight Tactics: Crazy Gadgets, is full of new features. In addition to the 58 new champions and the 27 new classes and origins, some items will also be changed. In addition to that, new traits also means new recipes with the Spatula. We detail all these changes in this article.

The new items of TFT Set 6

Dragon Claw Fireball damage reduced from 30% → 18%
Delay between two fireballs reduced: 1 second → 0.5 seconds

Staff of the Archangel New: Gain +25 ability power every 4 seconds. Claw of the Banshee New: The shield can now only block up to 600 damage from the first spell. Doomblade New: Deals +45 / 75/110 attack damage based on star level. New Mercury: Also grants + 20% attack speed. Hurricane of Runaan New: Also grants +15 attack damage, but no longer applies effects on impact. Statikk’s Dagger New: Also grants + 15% attack speed. The Force of Nature (Spatula + Spatula) now has a new icon and is called “Tactician’s Crown”.

Emblem recipes (Spatula item) from Set 6

As a reminder, the release date of Set 6 on the live servers is Wednesday November 3, 2021. You want more articles on TFT? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/18/2021 10:00 AM

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