Selenite Genshin Impact Amulet, where to find them?

In Genshin Impact, you will be able to start looking for Selenite amulets that will be found in specific places on the map. We therefore give you their location for each zone. Genshin Impact allows players to participate in temporary events on a fairly regular basis. As of Monday, September 27, it is possible to participate in a new event called “Liesse au clair de lune” in which you will be able to discover various activities including the search for Selenite chests and amulets that will be scattered in specific areas of the game.

Where are the Selenite Amulets in Genshin Impact?

As we told you previously, you will need to have unlocked the event “Liesse in the moonlight” in order to be able to go hunting for Selenite amulets. To do this, you must have an adventure level greater than or equal to 28 and have completed the following quests: Quest for Archons Chapter 1 – Act 3 “A star approaching” Story quest “Truela – Act 1: Travel Gourmet in Mondstadt »World Quest” Moonlight Liesse – 1 “World Quest” Preparation for the Festival of Desilune “Once done, you will be able to talk to Linyang, a member of the Guild of Adventurers who will be at the Port of Liyue and who can show you the location of the Lunar Seeker chests and Selenite amulets on your map. We also tell you the location of each of the selenite amulets in connection with each step.

Rock path

The first area where you can find Selenite Amulets will be at Mount Hulao and Huaguang Stone Forest. To find out where to find them, you can consult our map below or the video of MisterDeavis (source). It should be noted that some will be in chests.

Way of the wind

Available soon.

Way of the Frost

Available soon. Until you can get your hands on all the Selenite amulets, don’t forget that the “Liesse in the Moonlight” event is available from September 27 at 11 a.m. to October 10 at 4:59 a.m.

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