Sea of ​​Thieves Hunger Sanctuary Newspaper Guide

The Sanctuary of Hunger invites the sailors of Sea of ​​Thieves with promises of loot and knowledge. Hidden in this shark-infested sanctuary are five logs. You’ll need it, along with the logs from five other shrines, to unlock the Mysteries of the Sunken Realm Commendation. It’s a perilous endeavor, but with your wits and this how-to guide, these journals will be yours in no time.

Sea of ​​Thieves Shrine of Hunging Journals Locations

The map on your ship will guide you to the Sanctuary of Hunger. Navigate your boat and dive into the water where there is a brilliant glow. Make your way below the surface until you reach massive skeletal remains embedded in the seabed. These mark the entrance to the vast underwater cave that forms this sanctuary.

Journal 1: Sanctuary of Hunger

Enter the sanctuary and fight in front of a small group of sharks. Follow the cave as it winds its way and you’ll soon find a skeleton embedded in the loose soil on the seabed. The newspaper is right in front of the outstretched hand of the skeleton.

Journal 2: The Warrior

Walk further into the shrine and you’ll soon reach a large room. You will have to solve a mermaid puzzle to raise the water level. This gives you access to an upper area with a geyser, which shoots an even higher platform. Look for an ammo box on a ruined rowboat to the left of an illuminated mermaid statue. The log is near what remains of the bow of the rowboat.

Journal 3: The Warrior – Unmasked

Keep moving forward until you’ve completed a second mermaid statue puzzle. You’ll climb over the bones of a long Dead Sea monster, then up a broken mast to a platform near a geyser. The newspaper is hidden behind a pile of boards, near the wall and purple starfish.

Journal 4: The High Priest

Immediately after reading the third journal, you will see a massive jawbone of a megalodon. Don’t go through them right away. Instead, look to the right for a series of platforms made of bones embedded in the wall. Walk through them to reach an insulated shelf. The log is on top of the rocks near a glowing coral formation.

Journal 5: A great evil

At the top of the shrine, you will swim to a chamber sealed by a transparent barrier. You have to shoot the coral at the top of the barrier and fight a shark thrill. Once these fish demons are dispatched, you can read the final log, located on the ground near the transparent barrier that you passed through. That’s five newspapers less, twenty-five to go. You still have a long way to go to unlock the Sunken Kingdom Commendation. To find the rest of the logs and for plenty of other tips and tricks, be sure to visit our Sea of ​​Thieves hub.

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