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In Temtem, it is possible for you to to get Saku, one of many title creatures. We give you a sheet containing essential data. In Temtem, which is lastly out there in model 1.0 since Tuesday, September 6, it is possible for you to to seize many creatures that enable you to progress within the sport. Among the many Temtem out there within the title, we discover Saku and we’ll due to this fact inform you its traits. , its evolutions, its places, in addition to its weaknesses and resistances. We remind you in passing that you will discover all of the Temtem on our Temdeck.

Traits of Saku in Temtem

Look No. Sort 49 Nature / Wind

Measurement Weight Traits 92 cm 44 kg Aerial / Botanist Intercourse (Feminine/Male) Egg hatch (time) Catch price 50% / 50% 7 minutes

Saku’s evolutions in Temtem

Saku doesn’t have an evolution, however this Temtem is the evolution of Kaku when he reaches stage 11.

Saku’s location in Temtem

It is possible for you to to acquire a Saku by evolving a Kaku, but additionally by going to the next places: Higher Omninesia – Canopist (5% probability of encountering it) Later Omninesia – Promeverre (25% probability of encountering it) Tucma – Kupeleleza (40% probability of encountering him)

Saku’s Sensitivities in Temtem

Saku, like all Temtem, has weaknesses and resistances, so this is a recap. Resistance Water, Nature Double resistance Earth Weak point Fireplace, Poisonous

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