RT3000 GTA 5 Online, how to get it for free?  –

In GTA 5 Online from Thursday October 21 to Wednesday October 27, you will be able to collect a free vehicle, the Dinka RT3000 and we will explain how to get it. In GTA 5 Online, it is possible to collect a free vehicle every week thanks to the wheel of the Diamond Casino. However, another way is now available to get their hands on a free car through a weekly challenge that has been added with the Los Santos Tuners DLC, giving players the opportunity this week to try their luck at winning the Dinka RT3000 finishing in the top 4 in 8 chases before Wednesday October 27th.

How to get the Dinka RT3000 for free in GTA 5 Online?

As with all LS Auto Show winners, you’ll first need to have a Los Santos Auto Show membership card in order to get your hands on this vehicle. To find out how to get it, you can look at our article below.Once you get your membership card, head back to the warehouse housing the lounge to be able to complete the weekly challenge which will require you to finish in the top 4. in 8 chases. After completing the challenge, you will simply have to collect the Dinka RT3000 by clicking on the “Collect Reward Vehicle” option in the auto show interaction menu as you can see in the image below. Obviously, we remind you that the possibility of having it is limited in time since you have until October 27 to get your hands on this vehicle. Published on 10/21/2021 12:28 PM

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