Roblox Saitamania Codes (May 2022)  Over 30 New Codes!

Image via RobloxOur Roblox Saitamania Codes has the most up-to-date list of OP codes that you can redeem for new weapons, coins, and extra goodies. These items will set you apart from the rest of the pack as you play in style!

List of all Saitamania codes

We’ll let you know about additional codes once they’re released. You should make sure to redeem them as soon as possible because you never know when they might expire! All of these codes have been tested as of the date of this post. If you find one that has expired, please let us know the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it! Make sure you enter the code exactly as it says otherwise it might not work correctly!Updated May 13, 2022Added several new codes

Saitamania codes (working)

Here is an overview of all working codes in Saitamania.90K_LIKES—Redeem for boosts and towers (New)700KMEMBERS—Redeem for boosts and towers (New)72dn1—Redeem for boosts and towers (New)1TVKq Redeem for Boosts and Towers (New)T4vk5 Redeem for Boosts and Towers (New)md3OI Redeem for Boosts and Towers (New)7U2U3—Redeem for Boosts and Towers (New)UPDATE_10—Redeem for All boosts and 500 towers_e2co Redeem for bonus agility, strength, coins and experiencewT2JU—Redeem for boosts and towersgN3MU Redeem for bonus agility and coinsuu2_B—Redeem for bonuses and towers of coinsBU15Y Redeem for agility boosts and experience bonuses1vV25 Redeem for coins and agility bonusescw2rZ—Redeem for boosts and 5 turnsmQ2IX—Redeem for boosts and turnsgZ1tH—Redeem for Agility Boost, Experience Boost and SpinsyUp5c—Redeem for boosts and spinscq2y7—Redeem for boosts and spinsW91X8—Redeem for bonusesEg10k—Redeem for boosts9o13K—Redeem for boosts and spinsiea1m—Redeem for boosts and spinsX5fi—Redeem for boosts and towersM3gCj—Redeem code for agility, coins and XP boosts, 5 towersSUB_TO_PAIDA—Redeem code for boostsBU5Y—Redeem code for boosts1vV5—Redeem code for boostssiJdQ—Redeem code for boosts boosts and tricks7dn1—Redeem code for boosts and tricksTvk5—Redeem code for boosts and trickswGeN—Redeem code for boosts and tricksTVKq—Redeem code for boosts and tricksXwnw—Redeem code for boosts and tricks des toursfqjq—Redeem code for an Agility Boost & Spinsjlwg—Redeem code for an XP Boost & SpinswA_7—Redeem code for an XP Boost & SpinsyloZ—Redeem code for an Agility Bo ost & Spins6G2C—Redeem code for XP Boost & SpinsDBye—Redeem code for spins and boostsnaw7 Redeem code for 20 spins and strength boostjxFN—Redeem code for boosts4ycf—Redeem code for boosts and towershVfa—Redeem code for 5 towers and forcepbox boost—Redeem code boosts and towersmvfV—Redeem code for Coins Boostpnu8 Redeem code for agility boost126m: Redeem for agility boost and 10 towers33v6y—Redeem code for boosts and towerspQp4X—Redeem code for XP BoostRMP4x Redeem code for agility boost and XPfG1R9—Redeem code for agility boost and more7R2aC—Redeem code for strength boost, XP boost and towerskpc5T—Redeem code for agility boost and coinswWI2K—Redeem code for agility boost, towers and more (the I in this code is a uppercase “i”)Z1a2y—Redeem code for a bo strength ost and morea2lhi—Redeem code for a Coin Boost & More (The l in this code is a lowercase ‘L’)z3gCj—Redeem code for an Agility Boost & More (NEW)zE4ex—Redeem for Agility Boost600,000 Members: Redeem for 650 Turns20_MILLION—Redeem for 6 Hours of All Boosts and 250 TurnsV2824—Redeem for 6 Turnsi02pL—Redeem for Strength Boost and XP Boost for 15 minutesTu2Jc Redeem for Agility, Coins, an XP boost and 6 turnsw2GeN—Redeem for agility, coins, a strength boostX1wnw Redeem for coins, agility and an XP boostf1qjq—Redeem for agility boost for 25 minutesjl1wg Redeem for 27 Minutes XP Boost (The l in this code is a lowercase ‘L’)lF28l Redeem for 25 Minutes XP Boost (The first and second l of this code are both lowercase ‘L’s)wA_47—Redeem for a 23-minute XP boostsylo2Z—Redeem for a 20-minute, 6TB agility boost urs6G22C—Redeem for 15 Mins XP Boost, 13 SpinsGKB4V Redeem for 19 Mins XP BoostiVx2t Redeem for Coins, Force & XP Boost, 18 Spinsu1t Redeem for Coin Boost and 12 SpinsTWy5H Redeem for coins and XP boost, 28 spinsmdOI—Redeem for spins and boosts (the I in this code is a capital “i”)

Saitamania codes (expired)

These Saitamania codes no longer work.UPDATE_9.5: Redeem code for all boosts and spinsUPDATE_8.9 Redeem for 6 hours of all boosts and 250 spinsE610K Redeem for Coin Boost, XP Boost and SpinsUPDATE_9—Redeem code for spins and boosts70K_LIKES—Redeem code for boosts and spins60K_LIKES—Redeem code for boosts and spins460k_members—Redeem code for boosts and spins25k_likes—Redeem code for boosts and spinsCODE_EVENT_1—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_2—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_3—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_4—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_7—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_8—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_5—Boosts & SpinsCODE_EVENT_6—Boosts & SpinsUPDATE_8—Boosts & Spins500,000 Members: Redeem for 500 SpinsNEW_YEAR Redeem for every 6 hours 000 likes: redeem for all boostsUPDATE_6.0—Redeem for 100 spinsv—Redeem for boosts and spins

How to Redeem Saitamania Codes

Screenshot by our guides It’s easy to redeem codes for free rewards in Saitamania, but it can take a little longer than most other games. Follow the steps below to activate promo codes for your account. Go to the official group page on Roblox for CL Game Studio. Log in to your account if you are not already logged in. Tap Join on the side right of the page. Wait about 15 minutes for the game to register that you are part of the CL group. Launch the game. On the right side of the screen, tap the arrow icon to open the menu. Tap the icon Twitter to open the redeem code window (yellow arrow in the image above). Enter the code in the text box (green arrow in the image above). Tap Redeem Code! button to claim your reward!

Description of the game and recent update

🚨UPDATE 10🚨❤️700 spins will be the next code for 700,000 group members!
👍New Super Code at 90K likes!🎮ORDERS
Skills Q,E,R,F,C
Run Update
Lock T
Camera Lock ALT
Equip Weapon V
Class Move CTRL If you’re looking for codes for other games, we’ve got a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes article! You can also get a bunch of free stuff through our Roblox Promo Codes page.

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