Roblox Doodle World Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Image via Doodle World Studios Explore Doodle World’s mysterious Robloxian Island and learn about the fantastic little creatures that call it home. Doodle World lets you embark on your own story by exploring the world, catching new Doodles, training them in battle with unique abilities, and finding hidden keys. There’s a lot to discover and plenty of Doodles to collect, from bunnies and monkeys to brand new never-before-seen creatures! Here are some tips and tricks as you get into the experience.

Personalization tips

Screenshot by our guidesWhile Doodle World focuses less on the appearances of your character or Doodles and more on the adventure, storyline, and abilities of your Doodles, there are still a few customizations you can tweak to make them more personalized and unique.

How to customize your character in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides You can customize a few details about your character by pressing the tab button on your keyboard to open your menus, then clicking that brush icon that appears with the title Customize. This will let you change the color of your name, title, any special transports or particles you have, and your animations.

How to customize your Doodle in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides You can also customize some things about your Doodles by navigating through this menu. Press the tab key on your keyboard to open your menus and click on the Party menu, symbolized by the green and blue Capsules. Then you can select the Doodle you want to customize by clicking on their image and pressing the Stats button. This will show you all of your Doodle’s information, and you can click the Customize tab to change your Doodle’s name color and any alternate skins you have. Related: Roblox Doodle World Codes (May 2022)

Tips for catching doodles

Screenshot by our guidesCapturing Doodles is the most crucial part of Doodle World. Doodles come in different forms, rarities, and types, each with their own unique abilities. Different actions are required to capture one, and sometimes it can be tricky. Here are some tips to make the process easier as a beginner.

Where to find Wild Doodles in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides Doodles likely to be captured are wild Doodles found in tall grass. Walking through tall grass creates a chance to engage in battle with one of the wild Doodles that inhabit the area. Which Doodle will make an appearance is entirely random, so you may have to search the tall grass multiple times if you’re expecting a specific one.

How to get capsules in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides To capture a Doodle, you need to have some Capsules. After completing the initial quests and claiming your Starter Doodle, you should receive five free Core Capsules, and you will continue to be rewarded for certain quests as you progress through the story. However, there are several other ways to get capsules, and you’ll want to keep a supply of them to collect Doodles on your journey. You can find capsules along the paths of various routes in chests, or you can buy them from vendors. There is an NPC vendor right in the starting area at the entrance to the basketball court near Mom’s house.

How to Catch Doodles in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides Once you’ve found a wild Doodle and have plenty of caps in your inventory, you’ll be able to attempt a capture during the fight sequence. To use your capsules to catch the Doodle, click on the Bag option when it prompts you to perform an action. Once you click Bag, you should be able to see all of the available items in your inventory to use. Click on your Capsules and press Redeem. If you are successful in your capture, you will see the Capsule trap the Doodle, and it will bounce up and down. The Capsule will not always capture the Doodle on the first try. Sometimes you may need to use multiple capsules. A good trick to catch Doodles more easily is to use certain abilities that reduce Doodles’ speed and evasion before using the Capsule. This will make your chances of success more enormous. Related: Strategies and Tips for Beginners All-Star Tower Defense Roblox

Combat tips

Screenshot by our guides You will encounter many battles throughout your experience in Doodle World, and the further you progress through the story, the more complex these battles will become. Although the actions to finish a fight are quite simple, sometimes a technique must be in place to get that victory every time.

How to rest and care for your pet in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides Before heading into a battle, you’ll want to make sure your Doodles are fully healthy, have no poisons in effect, and are fully equipped with all of their abilities. You can rest your Doodles by heading to Mom’s House, the large red brick building in the starting district. Talking to Mom will let you choose the rest option and restore all of your Doodles to their full potential. You can also use certain items, such as bandages, to regain health and get rid of any poison, and it won’t require you to make the return trip.

How to Equip Items for Battle in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides You’ll also want to make sure you have special items equipped for your Doodles before starting a battle. These items can greatly increase your Doodle’s stats, making their attacks stronger, faster, and other useful bonuses. To equip these items, press the tab key on your keyboard to open your menus and press Party. Click on the Doodle you want to give the items to and press Stats. Next, go to the Equipment menu. This will show you if your Doodle has anything currently equipped. If they don’t, you can click on the empty gray square, Equip, and choose an item you own. You can receive more as you go through quests.

How to Deal More Damage in Doodle World

Screenshot by our guides Some enemies can be quite difficult to defeat and will deal significant damage to your Doodles. You’ll want to make every attack count and complete the battle as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pay attention to the green or red arrows on your abilities. Some Doodles have attacks that do increased damage to various enemies, and conversely, some do less. To land the biggest hits, check which of your Doodles have these green arrows. Using these attacks will defeat enemy Doodles faster. These are just a few tips and tricks to get you started on your Doodle World adventure. Comment below on your own methods for collecting and battling Doodles or something else you want to see covered in a guide! Interested in more Roblox Cheats content from our guides? Check out our guides on How to Earn Subs, Money, and Gems Fast in Roblox YouTube Life | YouTube Life Tips and Tricks or Best Tips for Defense Mode in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator!

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