Reveal the next storm circle to a character in Fortnite, season 8 challenge –

NPC 17, Wrath, is finally available in Fortnite! Among the quests he offers, one of them asks to reveal the next Storm Circle to a character. While trying to complete your collection of NPCs, you have certainly noticed that it is impossible to find number 17! This one has finally been added to Fortnite, and it will be possible to carry out its series of quests, thus making it possible to complete the cards to be filled and to obtain XP. Among the quests offered by Courroux, the one of them asks to reveal the next storm circle to a character. We explain how to easily achieve this challenge!

How to reveal the next storm circle to a character in Fortnite?

To complete this quest, we recommend that you go to the Asphalt NPC! By speaking to him, you will be able to exchange gold bars in exchange for the function “Meteorologist of the storm”, and thus obtain information concerning the next circles of storm. So it is to Boney Burbs that you will have to go, to find the Asphalt NPC: Asphalt Location, which will reveal the next Storm Circles to you. Once there, talk to the NPC. Among the options he will offer you, you will find the function “Meteorologist of the storm”, which costs 170 ingots. Choose this feature to be able to complete the challenge! Choose Storm Meteorologist to reveal the next circlesOnce it’s done, your quest will normally be completed. You will be able to continue following the challenges offered by Courroux! You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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