Release – How many classes are there?

Screenshot by Guides When starting the game, you cannot choose a class right away. You must wait until you have reached the third zone to choose one of the four available classes. These are the only classes in the game, so choose wisely. Your class determines what abilities you have and which skill tree you have access to. Ultimately, choose the class that matches your playstyle. Here are the four classes you can choose from in Disciples: Liberation.

Military leader

Warlord is the melee class, the frontline fighter in the melee. You’re not the type to hang around in the back of the fight. As soon as the battle begins, you are already sprinting towards danger before everyone else. While inspiring your allies with buffs to keep them steadfast with you against your enemy. Stats Strength — Two Constitution — Three Dexerity — One Intelligence — One Mana Points — Two gained per level Abilities Piercing Strike Strike an enemy with precision and force, dealing physical damage. Piercing Strike ignores 50 percent of physical resistance and inflicts Curse on a target. Purification Purifies the area around you, inflicting divine damage to enemies. Inflicts Taunt on enemies and grants Inspired to allies. Divine Strength (Passive) Grant Physical Protection and Physical Power to allies within two tiles of you

Hexagonal blade

Hexblade is the assassin of the four classes. A mixture of melee and magic. You don’t want to be on the front lines of the fight. Instead, you want to sneak behind your enemies’ backs, look through weak spots, and then strike, dealing massive damage. But make sure that the attention of your enemies is completely on your allies, or you will be in danger. Statistics Strength — Two Constitution — One Dexerity — Two Intelligence — Two Mana Points — Two gained per level Abilities Venom Strike Strikes with a poison-coated blade, inflicts Physical damage, and inflicts Poison on the target. Burning Verdict Burns the target with divine truth, dealing divine damage. Inflicts Paralyzed and Burns to the target. Skillful (Passive) Grants enhanced critical and evasive allies within two tiles of you Related: How to Heal in Disciples: Liberation


The Seer is essentially the group’s long-range healer, but can also strike enemies with massive divine damage. Having a healer is one of the only ways to heal in combat in the game, so your first goal is to make sure your allies are healthy. Second, deal as much damage as possible. Statistics Strength — One Constitution — Two Dexerity — One Intelligence — Two Mana Points: three gained per level Abilities Polar Beam Launches a beam of ice that bounces randomly between enemies afterwards, dealing primordial damage. Inflicts Cold on targets. Shard Emits pure divine energy around you, dealing divine damage to enemies and healing allies. Holy Resilience (Passive) Grants Regen to allies within two tiles of you.


The witch looks a lot like the clairvoyant but without the healing aspect. This class is all about causing status effects and debuffs, as well as dealing catastrophic damage to your enemies. Stats Strength — One Constitution — One Dexerity — Two Intelligence — Two Mana Points: three gained per level Abilities Anguish Charges the target with searing black magic, inflicting unholy damage, inflicting bleeding and fear. light from the sky Rains divine light on enemies in target area, inflicting divine damage and inflicting debuff on targets. Inspirational Power (Passive) Encourage allies, granting them Divine Power and Unholy Power within two squares of you. For more Disciples: Liberation guides, Guides has you covered.

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