Pokemon GO failure, connection problem and impossible authentication –

On Pokémon GO, it will sometimes happen that players have connection problems or are unable to authenticate and you will be shown how to fix the problem. Pokémon GO players like many other online games will occasionally encounter some connection problems or be unable to authenticate. In order to resolve these two concerns, Niantic has published a help article on its website. ‘support (source) and the first thing to do will be to verify that the title servers might not be having temporary problems.

What should be done to resolve login failure or unable to authenticate on Pokémon GO?

If you experience either of these two issues, you should check whether the servers might be having bugs as a priority. To do this, there is the Downdetector site (source). If no player is reporting a problem, you can then check that your mobile device has a stable and sufficient network connection in order to play. In case the problem persists and your connection appears to be good, as well as the servers are normally online, you can close and reopen the Pokémon GO app. To do so, here is the procedure: Android: tap Settings> Applications> Pokémon GO> Force stop. iOS: Double-tap the Home button or swipe up from the bar at the bottom of the screen to view the most recently used apps, find the Pokémon GO app, and swipe up to close it . If despite all this you continue to have problems, you can contact Pokémon Go support. To find out how, you can consult the dedicated article from Niantic (source). You want more articles on Pokémon Go? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/18/2021 12:41 PM

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