PlayerUnknown plans to create huge worlds in Prologue and Artemis

PlayerUnknown’s Brendan Green, creator of the famous battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, gave a great interview to a foreign portal GamesBeat, in which he talked about his plans for the future, including large procedurally generated worlds. It all starts with a technical demo Prologuewhich, in turn, should lead to the creation of something more – Project artemis

Prologue will be a single-player tech demo with a world that is 64 km x 64 km. It will be modeled after the forests of Europe, but it will independently model objects from the real world, including coal mines. Moreover, the developer wants to achieve maximum accuracy, right down to scale. Players will be thrown into this world and offered to survive. There is no need to buy: the game will be distributed on a pay-what-you-want basis, but the ultimate goal is to test and promote the technology.

The goal is not only to create a vast world never seen before, but also to try to make a believable dynamic ecosystem. Greene says:

Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic project. However, it is built on several scenarios. You kill all the bears in the region, leave, return and see that they have come to life again. I want to achieve a meaningful life. If you kill all the bears, perhaps a reindeer population will be revived in this region?

All of this is gradually leading to Project Artemis – an even more grandiose experiment, which, as Green himself hopes, will create a world the size of a real planet, with different biomes and wildlife. He hopes the world will be compelling enough for players to build entire cities and cultures.

It sounds a little weird and a little wild, but in the end, Brendan Green is the same guy who excited and literally revived the battle royale genre a few years ago.

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