Perform an explosive elimination on a cube monster in detours on Fortnite, Cruel Hare season 8 challenge –

How to achieve an explosive elimination on a cube monster in the detours? We explain to you for the Cruel Hare challenge on Fortnite! Two new NPCs were added in Fortnite this Tuesday, October 5, and both are on the list of cards to fill out. This means that if you go talk to them, they will give a list of five challenges to complete, in exchange for XP. Among these challenges, one of them given by Cruel Hare asks to complete an explosive kill on a monster. of the cube in the detours. To succeed, all you have to do is take a detour with an explosive weapon, and eliminate a monster with it. We explain how to do it!

How to do an explosive elimination on a cube monster in detours on Fortnite?

To start this quest, go to a detour! To know their location, just look at the mini-map at the start of the game. The detours appear as a round in pink and orange gradient, as on the map below: Location of a detour in Fortnite We advise you to go in this detour equipped with an explosive weapon, because it will be more complicated to ‘find it on site. The easiest way is to find grenades and then go in the detour! Eliminate one of these monsters using an explosive weapon to validate the quest Once there, you just have to eliminate one of the many monsters that you will come across using this explosive weapon. Your quest will then be validated! You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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