Omnipresence on mortals Genshin Impact, how to succeed in the quest?

In Genshin Impact, it is possible to complete an Archons quest called “Omnipresence over mortals” and which has been available since the arrival of patch 2.1. We tell you how to do it. In Genshin Impact, it is possible to access and complete many quests. Some are story quests, others from the world or even Archons. Among all these Archons missions, we find Act 3 of chapter 2 in Inazuma called “Omnipresence on mortals” which was released with the arrival of patch 2.1 on the game this Wednesday, September 1st. We therefore tell you how to get it, but also how to complete each of the quests.

How to complete the quest “Omnipresence over mortals” in Genshin Impact?

To be able to unlock the Archons quest “Omnipresence over mortals”, you will need to have completed Act 2 of Chapter 2, namely “Quietude, the sublimation of the shadow”. Once this is done, you will be launched into the 9 quests available within this mission. If you want to learn more about each of these quests you can look at our guides below Completing all of these quests you will get plenty of rewards which all stacked up will give you: 5,600 Adventure XP 269,375 moras 25 lessons from the hero 50 mystical reinforcement ores 120 primo-gems 1 Souvenir of purple lightning In addition to these rewards, you will also be able to unlock the story quest of the Shogun Raiden named “Imperatrix Umbrosa – Act 1” which will require you to use a Key to Legends that can be collected by completing 8 daily missions.

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