Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent: Best Character Tier List

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, a prequel to the original Octopath Traveler game, has finally been released worldwide on Android and iOS devices after several years of waiting. This guide will focus on a tier list of the best characters in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent. You’ll learn all about their best abilities, as well as synergies with other characters.

S-tier characters


Attack: 404 Defense: 343 HP: 3,222 Fiore is easily the best physical DPS in the game. You’ll want to keep her as healthy as possible, as she has a 20% bonus sword damage while its HP gauge remains full. Fiore has both great single target and AoE attacks, but her best move is Collapse Charge, which not only deals a ton of damage but also removes all defensive buffs from enemies. Pair her with Sigrid and you’ll have the best offensive pairing on your team’s roster.


Attack: 231 Defense: 291 HP: 2,896 Sofia is a scholar and ice mage with many passive buffs. Just like in the case of Fiore, try to keep her HP intact and you will get a 50% SP bonus. His ice magic can also focus on both single targets and large groups, providing solid crowd control. She herself is also resistant to fire and ice elemental damage. There is a good synergy between Sofia and Aslyte, which lowers an enemy’s ice defenses, making Sofia’s ice magic much more effective.

A-level characters


Attack: 354 Defense: 353 HP: 3,528 Every team needs a solid tank that can absorb a lot of damage without any problems. Gilderoy fits the description perfectly with his fantastic passive ability, which allows him to restore HP automatically once he drops below 90%. His 5-star active skill allows him to counter any physical attack with his spear, and he can also inflict three consecutive lightning strikes with his Chain Lightning ability which also inflicts Paralysis. Gilderoy can work wonders alongside Meena and Mabel, which can help weaken enemies, while he strikes them with his powerful lightning bolts.


Attack: 350 Defense: 397 HP: 3,230 Theo is an apothecary, or in simpler terms, a healer. His Full Frontrow regeneration ability not only heals allies, but also restores their stats and SP. What makes Theo an unusual supporter is access to the powerful Double Harvest AoE attack. Additionally, he can grant immunity to one of his allies for a short time. Try pairing it with Bertrand, who can further buff his AoE attack, causing him to deal much more damage.

B-tier characters


Attack: 250 Defense: 240 HP: 2,786 Lynette is another great support character, although unlike Theo she has no healing powers. His passive skills automatically increase all physical and magic attacks of his allies by 10% to 20%. But what makes her special is how fast she performs her buffs. Of course, she can also weaken enemies, lowering their defenses for a turn or two.


Attack: 373 Defense: 280 HP: 2,892 Viola has a similar application to Lynette, but she also has the ability to heal, although not as effectively as Theo. His anti-attack and anti-guard abilities dampen enemy attacks and defenses respectively, while his dagger weapon can be used quite effectively for some unexpected attacks. In fact, Lynette and Viola can work as partners, using their high speed, and buff/debuff their allies/enemies right before the attack step. You can also combine them with Helga, who has the ability to reduce enemy movement speed for an even stronger result.


Attack: 377 Defense: 223 HP: 3,072 Although ranged characters aren’t as strong as melee DPS or mages, Scarecrow is a good choice for a team that needs at least one archer. What makes him such a sought after ranged character is his special AoE arc which guarantees critical damage. More than that, its damage increases by 20% on a successful critical hit. Scarecrow synergizes with Lucetta, which has the ability to lower enemy defensive skills specifically against Arc damage. These are the best characters in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent. If you found this article helpful, be sure to give it a share.

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