NIS America to release Cruel King and the Great Hero in 2022

NIS America has announced that The Cruel King and the Great Hero will be released in 2022. He is introduced as a spiritual successor to The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince and follows Yuu, a young girl being watched by the kind and very dangerous Dragon King. I was recently fortunate enough to see The Cruel King and the Great Hero in action at a press event, and although NIS America was silent on the details of the story, I got to see part of it. of the game in action. In this final chapter, Yuu was looking for a missing girl in the storybook forest. It’s not just a location either. Similar to its predecessor, a beautiful style of picture book art characterizes The Cruel King. A spirit told Yuu that the girl had disappeared into an enchanted fountain, so Yuu also leaves. Unlike Liar Princess, a puzzle-platformer, Cruel King is a turn-based RPG with a twist. Yuu’s temporary companions have unique quirks that help or hinder combat. Flora, the missing girl, was weak and only had a “hide” skill, for example, and Yuu had to face the threat of the monster on her own. The Cruel King and the Great Hero is slated for release in 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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