New World Server population, how to know the limit of the worlds?

Some players are wondering what is the population of players present on their servers and to find out, there is a tool that we are going to give you. New World since its release on September 28 has been a huge success and many players continue to purchase the title to play with their friends, however, some servers sometimes need to wait a while before they can play. Some players wonder if there is a way to know the population of their server and a site has just developed a tool that allows you to know the limits of the different worlds of the title.

Is it possible to know the population of your server on New World?

On New World, when you launch the game and click on the “View Worlds” button, you will usually see an abbreviation in the “Population” column. However, this column does not give you information on the number of players present on the server on which you wish to play.To know the population of the server, there is however a tool created by the New World Status site (source) which allows you to know a lot of information such as: the players currently logged in on each regional server the players in the queue the player limit for each world the expected wait in relation to each world the worlds that are offline due to maintenance or of a bug On this site, all you have to do is press the CTRL + F keys and type the name of the world that interests you in the search bar that appears in order to find out the information related to your world.

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