New World Periwinkle, how to get it?

In New World, you will be able to fish and among the possible catches, there is the freshwater snail which allows you to obtain the periwinkle bait. We tell you where and how to catch one. New World allows you to get your hands on many resources by different methods such as slaughter, mining, hunting or even fishing.Among the fishing resources, we find periwinkle bait, a water snail sweet that you will need to fish to complete the quest “A Matter of Bait” and you are therefore shown where and how to fish one.

Where and how to get Periwinkles in New World?

The periwinkle in New World is bait and to get it you will need to fish this freshwater snail. To find one, we recommend that you go to the 3-star Primevère fishing point which is located to the west of Gré-du-vent. It will be enough to get there since a teleportation stone will be right next to the fishing area as you can see in the picture below, the fishing area will be at the dock icon To have a chance of catching a freshwater snail, you will need to place a firefly bait which will be salvageable in large brambles. We remind you that brambles will often be found near water areas in the game. In addition to fishing, it will also be possible to obtain it as loot by eliminating certain enemies within the game which will generally be out of the game. a new one between 45 and 65. To know more, you can consult the article of New World Fans (source).

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