New River Raids and Nightmare Difficulty Are Coming to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Bored with the relatively easy raids on the abbeys of Britain in Assassin’s creed valhalla? Ubisoft has prepared new challenges for Eyvor! In update 1.3.1, which will be released this evening, there will be a new difficulty level – Aesir (Nightmare). In addition, new raid-based missions and fresh tattoo sketches await players.

Three new raids will be added to the regions of Erriff, Berba and Rhine. Along with this, you will be able to improve the Jomsvikings’ hall and the size of the Drakkar, which is necessary for high-level raids. 3 new abilities can be discovered in monasteries during raids!

Another important part of the update is the Nightmare difficulty level. Basically, the changes associated with activating this difficulty are aimed at taking more damage and lower healing efficiency. Here are the details:

  • + 200% damage taken
  • Weapon deals standard damage
  • -40% healing funds
  • -38% window duration for perfect parry

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