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The Criminal Enterprises update is live and new missions have been added. We tell you how to launch them on GTA 5 Online. Many players were impatiently awaiting the arrival of the summer update on GTA V and its online mode called Criminal Enterprises and which added its share of new features such as weapons, vehicles, but also and above all missions. For those who wonder what these new missions are and how to launch them, we will tell you the procedure according to the activities.

How to start the new missions of the Criminal Enterprises update in GTA 5 Online?

As we explained to you previously, the summer update has added its share of new missions, some of which can be launched from your company and others at a specific location on the map.

Operation “Paper Trail”

When you log into the game, you will receive a call from the ULP Agent who will ask you to join him at the IAA headquarters. If you don’t know where to go, the location will be indicated on your map by a U as you can see in the following image. Once there, you just have to interact with the yellow halo to launch the Missions of Operation Paper Trail which are accessible in games of 1 to 4 players. By completing some of the operations, you will be able to take advantage of a discount for the Greenwood and the Conada helicopter.

White collar

For the new white collar missions, you will have to go to your CEO’s office to interact with your computer or use the global control terminal from your arcade room. The new missions concern new types of special goods, but also two new supply quests for your warehouses.

Biker HQ

If you have a customization workshop, you will receive a call from your workshop manager. By talking to him, you will be able to start the new missions of modifying motorcycles for different customers and delivering them to obtain GTA dollars and RP. You will also be able to launch two new contracts by going directly to your biker HQ and interacting with the wall of the meeting room.

Arms trafficking

Ammu-Nation adds itself to your client list and gives you access to new deliveries, so all you have to do is go to your bunker to start the delivery missions. Additionally, as you supply your bunker, you’ll come across two new resupply missions.


For the nightclub, it is necessary to contact two characters to start the new missions, namely: Yohan to start missions to collect goods for the warehouse of the nightclub Tony to start missions to manage the nightclub Of course, we remind you that these vehicles are not the only novelty of this summer update. For more information, you can look at our article on the GTA 5 Online Criminal Enterprises patch notes. Join the community on Discord, play GTA with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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