New DC FanDome will be held in October

Last year, at the virtual DC FanDome event, the company of the same name made a splash. And today she announced that she would hold a second event very soon. FanDome returns on October 16 and will feature updates, previews, trailers and details covering the company’s many projects, from movies and comics to video games.

Officially Confirmed: “Exclusive New Trailer” for “Batman” by Robert Pattinson, footage from “Black Adam”, “Flash”, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”; more information on the upcoming seasons of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, The Flash, Superman & Lois and Sweet Tooth; videogame details Gotham knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League; and a whole bunch of comic book news, including information on the next chapter of the Fortnite / Batman crossover.

All this you can see live on October 16. The event kicks off at 20:00 Moscow time and will air on multiple platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Facebook. In addition, DC is set to release a version for children on the same day.

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