NBA 2K22 locker code, all the locker codes to earn VC and MT

You are given a list of codes that you can use to earn VCs and MTs in NBA 2K22! With this article, you will have all the locker codes. In MyTeam or MyPlayer on NBA 2K22, you need points called VC and MT to progress. But, it is sometimes difficult to get enough, that’s why Take Two, the editor of NBA 2K22 offers players locker codes. These codes allow you to unlock VCs, cards for the MyTeam mode, even exclusive rewards for the players. This article will bring together all the codes for use on NBA 2K22. Please note, some codes cannot be used after a certain period. Usually the publisher gives notice so we’ll try to notify you as best as possible!

Active locker codes, locker codes in NBA 2K21

Temporary CodesMYTEAM-SIGNATURE-SERIES-CARDS – offers Signature Series Pack, Converse Gold Shoe Pack or 2 Tokens (expires September 30)
EQUINOX-DIAMONDS – offers Basic Shoes, Diamond Shoe Boost, or Diamond Contract (expires September 28)
PRIMETIME-PACKS-IN-MYTEAM – offers a Primetime pack, Nike base gold shoes, a badge pack, 3 shoe boosts or 1 token (expires September 27)
2K22-PLAYER-INDICATOR – offers player indicator (expires September 25)
Codes that do not expire No codes are available at the moment

How to use a locker code in NBA 2K22?

To use a locker code, it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below: Go to MyTeam from the main menu Go to Settings / Options (settings in English) on the far right Click on “Cloak codes” to enter the code The code can be entered in upper or lower case, this is fine. However, think about dashes if there are any in the code! If you want to read all of our content on NBA 2K22, do not hesitate to visit our portal dedicated to the game of basketball!

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